3 Essentials Your Business Needs from Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very broad umbrella term to cover a lot of different activities. It might cover your blog, your Facebook advertising campaigns, and your PPC. Digital marketing also encompasses emails and digital newsletters, texts, pop-ups, and more. As new platforms emerge, the scope will broaden further. Social media on its own could be taking up a huge amount of your time, even if you allocate no cash budget to it. But for all the activities you engage in and all the campaigns you create, what should you be getting out it?


No matter how much you spend on marketing, your primary objective is to gain paying customers. You might sell products, or you might provide services. Without the qualified leads that digital marketing so easily provides, you’ve got no chance of turning a profit. Digital marketing can be focused on a very narrow group or demographic. It can find the customers you want at the right time. Most importantly, a good campaign addresses their needs and their problems just as they realize they have them.

Once you’ve got your customer’s attention, you need to channel them through that all-important funnel. The customer’s journey length will vary from campaign to campaign. But each one should end up at the credit card input page.

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Increased Brand Awareness

According to marketing guru Sabri Suby, your objective should be to “provide value to prospects by giving them free reports, webinars or free assessments.” This serves two purposes. The first is to increase the customer’s awareness of your brand. The second is to build their relationship with that brand. The more you give them what they want, the more inclined they will be to come back to you for more. The customer will trust you and feel more ready to embrace your proposition.

It takes time and a series of campaigns to go from stranger to best friend brand. Plan your campaigns carefully, and consider what your customer needs most from you. Build trust in your brand step by step to build trust in your sales pitch and product offering.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Of course, promotions and advertisements cost money. You want a return on that investment. And when you spend hours each day developing your campaigns and content, you want something back for all that effort. This is where digital marketing is the clear winner. It is highly measurable. In fact, you can see results as they happen with live web stats and analytics.

Make a note of your stats at the same time each day so you can compare traffic figures with past performance. This will help you determine conversion figures and sales values too. Use dedicated landing pages every time and track the customer journey. Cookies can help you identify returning customers as well.

Digital marketing has overtaken every other media. It is superior for measuring campaign effectiveness, and it is preferred by most customer groups. Is it worth the extra time and energy on your part? Use an agency to help you get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns without the personal burnout!