3 Reasons You Should Use a Recruitment Agency for Your Next Hire

When you’re in business, your time is precious. It feels like everything should be moving at a fast pace in order to get stuff done. When you have to take some time out to do things that are essential to the progression of your business (such as interviewing potential candidates), there is often the thought of what could have been done instead within that time-frame.

It’s even more frustrating when the interviews don’t culminate in somebody that you had hoped would fill the role. More and more businesses, including startups, are looking towards recruitment agencies to take this task off their hands. Not only is it freeing you up to do other things, but there are a whole host of other reasons as to why you should be considering this option.

Image Credit: Pexels

They Have a Portfolio

All recruiters will have a portfolio of people that they know will be able to fulfill the role that you are advertising. They will be able to pick out those who have had experience in the career sector that you want them for, as well as ones who have had good reviews from previous employers.

Their reputation lies on getting you the best person that they can to fit the role for your job – they don’t want to let you down, as this means that they won’t be getting any more work!

They Can Get Niche Employees

If you’re struggling to find the right person to fit a niche role, there is more than likely a recruitment agency that will be out there dealing in exactly what you’re looking for. Usually these are orchestrated by those who have been in the business before.

So not only do they know what you need to fulfill a role within this certain sector of your business, but they know exactly what to look out for when selecting a candidate for you. Recruitment agencies dealing with HR such as Portfolio Payroll is just one example.

There are a myriad others online that you can pick and choose from to suit your needs, so don’t be afraid to really whittle down to just one agency for one particular job.

They Do the Hard Work

Let’s face it – when you’re new in business, you don’t want to have to spend time wasting your energy on things that won’t make you money. The non-revenue generating jobs such as interviewing potential employees can take up hours, if not days of your valuable time.

Let the agencies do the hard work for you; you can pass over questions that you would ask in an interview and what answers you would expect to hear back. Lay out the qualities of the person that you would wish to employ and let them surprise you with who they’ve found.

The great thing with recruitment agencies is that if the person that they have selected doesn’t fit the bill, they probably have a list of other potentials who will be able to come and step into their shoes at a moment’s notice — a Godsend when you need to keep your business running smoothly.