3 Ways to Widen Your Customer Base That Actually Work

One of the best ways to grow and business and sustain success is to widen your customer base. The more customers you have, the more sales you can make, and the more revenue you generate. It’s a straightforward concept, but it can be hard for some companies to work out how to do it.

Funnily enough, it’s actually a lot easier to widen your customer base than you may expect. At times, the smallest of changes can have a huge impact and open your business up to lots of other consumers. Here are some of my favorite ways of expanding your customer base.

Create Social Media Accounts

I was going to title this point; ‘set up a business website’ but this is such an obvious point it shouldn’t need to be said. There’s no excuse for having a business in 2017 without a website. This should go some way to expanding your customer base, but creating social media accounts will take it to a new level.

Social media opens your business up to hundreds of thousands of users. It’s a really good way of finding new customers and interacting with people who have never heard of your business before. Work on building a following across various platforms — Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most widely used right now – and you will see an influx of new customers as a result.

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Start Accepting Credit Cards

You can widen your customer base by making one simple change to the way people pay for your products/services; accept credit cards. Some companies don’t like to do this because there can be costs involved with setting up the service. However, as noted on merchants.services, there are a lot of consumers out there that will only pay for things on their credit card.

As such, if you neglect to offer credit card processing, then you’re missing out on a sizeable section of the market. It doesn’t take long to set things up, and the money you make by bringing in more customers will cancel out the money it costs to set everything up.

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Offer New Services and or Products

My next idea is incredibly simple and will open your business up to lots of new customers. You need to come up with new services/products to sell to people, things that might appeal to different consumers. A great example of this is a coffee shop that starts selling their coffee beans or cups online.

They started out attracting customers to their shop, but now they’ve widened their customer base by selling things other people can buy online. Every business will start off with some key products or services to sell. Then, as time goes by, you may realise new opportunities to sell new things.

There are plenty of ideas out there that claim to help you widen your customer base, but never really work. They’re often very complex and hard to implement too. These ideas are extremely simple, and they will definitely help your business appeal to more and more people.