4 Ways to Simplify Your Business Operations

In the same way automating your business is a surefire way to improve efficiency, simplifying your operations is a surefire way to fine-tune what you are doing. Anyone who helms a business – or even works nearer the top of the food chain than the bottom – will know full well what the reality of day-to-day life is like. You get in early to make sure you can get a jump on the day and really tackle the bulk of your to-do list, only to get tied down in the nitty-gritty just like yesterday, and the day before yesterday.

Stacks of paper that need your signature, IT issues that you can’t solve because your head of IT is on annual leave, last-minute meetings, an unexpected call from a major client. Putting out fires is all you get done and it is frustrating.

That is why we have come up with some very simple steps you can take to simplify your business and make it run so smoothly you’ll be able to get done exactly what you intended to get done.

Image Credit: Pexels

Hire More Strategically

In this day and age of high employee turnover, there is a need to make your process more streamlined so that you can hire sooner, hire smarter and get back to work. What’s more, it just requires being selective. The best way to do this is to adopt the use of an online application form and then have elimination criteria that relate to education, salary, experience and scheduling.

Lease Out a CFO

A bookkeeper is fine up to a point, but as soon as your bottom-line starts to grow you’ll spend more time nurturing them than you want to. That is why renting an experienced and sophisticated chief financial officer (CFO) is the way to go. Yes, this is expensive. But if they only come in a day a week, get what they need to get down without having to check with you and teach you how to make more profit than that has to be better than a junior accountant that is a little too hesitant to do anything.

Outsource the Two Functions

Human resource (HR) and information technology (IT). These are two huge functions that you don’t need the hassle of. There are just far better ways to spend your time. When it comes to IT support, using someone like Forsythes Technology will take the stress out of your day, even when there is a computer problem or a staffing complication. As for HR, most business leaders spend a third of their time involved in payroll and benefits administration. A third. That is unnecessary. If you only outsource two functions, these should be it.

Enjoy Unplugging from Technology

Every morning, for one hour, completely unplug from all technology. No internet connection, no phone calls, no gadgets, no mobile phones. This will stop you from being so reactive with your time and allow you to be proactive with your to-do list. It is possible to work unplugged for an hour, it is just a matter of choosing to do so. Once done, though, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something with your day, which is a great way to start.