5 Effective Ways to Spend Money on Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way of reaching out to new potential clientele. But as the internet becomes a more crowded place, standing out on social media is becoming a harder task for small startups. This is where throwing a bit of money into social media marketing can come in handy. Here are just a few effective ways that you can boost your business by spending money on social media.

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Buy a banner

Just like the homepage to a website, your social media pages need to make a visual impact when someone clicks on them. A well-designed Twitter header of Facebook cover photo can make a difference.

There are graphic design companies that can build custom social media banners for you, as well as a profile picture. You may even want to design a logo for your business which can be used not just on social media, but your website and other forms of marketing such as business cards and signage.

Invest in influence

People trust a company with a large social media following as it shows that they’re an established and prominent business. Buying followers is a way of increasing your credibility. There are plenty of sites that can teach you how to buy followers.

On a related note, you can also pay for influence. For example, paying a prominent person on social media to share one of your posts or promote your product could have a huge impact.

Promote your posts

Facebook and Twitter both have services set up by themselves for promoting posts. This allows your posts to be seen by strangers that could possibly turn into business leads.

Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to customise the audience that you want to focus with your post. Make good use of this feature — by selecting the right age group and interests for your product you’ll be more likely target the right people.

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Hire a helping hand

Some businesses may find it beneficial to hire a full-time social media manager or outsource their social media to a marketing company. A professional may be able to come up with constantly engaging content, as well as replying to complaints over social media to preserve the company’s reputation.

This is generally only useful for large companies, however small companies may be able to hire someone or outsource a company on a temporary basis, such as in the lead up to a product launch or during a dry period for business.

Bring social media to social events

Real life social events can benefit from social media too. Conferences and trade fairs can be tweeted about to get more people to attend. For conferences and launch parties in particular, a Twitter Wall could be handy for letting the audience digitally interact. Hiring one of these could add an extra special touch to your event and make it more memorable for attendees.