5 Methods of Communication for 5 Kinds of Marketing

When it comes to your business, you may find that you try out so many different techniques to boost your sales and customer base, that it leaves you a little confused. It’s not always easy to know which effort is working the most, or what kind of method you should be trialling next. Sometimes, it’s all of the noise that confuses you. You never really know where you should be aiming your actions. So, to clear the clutter and make everything that bit easier to control, take a look at five of the most common forms of communication and how to utilise each in your marketing strategy.


Even if you’re not an online business, you should have your own website. When you own a physical business, you need to be able to drive people to your store or service. A lot of people search online for what they’re looking for, so if you’re not on the web, they won’t be able to find you. With a website, they can not only find you but find your contact details too. Even if you don’t update it regularly, just having a website is a strong form of internet marketing.

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Social Media

The other key side of internet marketing is more centered around social media. Being active on one or more social media platforms is a great way to talk to your audience. Not only can you share promotions, new products, or even sales, you can also work on customer service with your customers, or encourage people to shop. Social Media also allows you to promote your brand and drive awareness that you exist.


There’s also the telephone to consider as a very viable form of communication and a marketing method. Although you may not be a fan of cold calling, there are ways to use calling to work for your business. You can opt for pay-per-call marketing that can generate you viable inbound marketing calls, or even hire someone to do your calling for you.

Either way, you’d be missing out on all of the people who prefer to talk over the phone then go online by ruling out telephone marketing methods.

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You’ve also got the option to using email communication. Not only can you send out email inquiries and pitches, but you can also use email as a via mass marketing technique. If your website allows you to capture email data, why not think about trialling an email newsletter? Then, you can target prospective customers with news, information, and things to purchase.


And finally, you’ve also got the old-fashioned communication method of talking to prospects face to face. Although this isn’t always easy if you do run an online business, it’s something that you can do at exhibitions or trade shows. You can get out, promote the business that you know and love and get used to talking to your customers or potential customers. Sometimes, it can be the most effective communication method available to you.