6 Rules For A Happier and More Productive Workplace

Encouraging a positive working culture is one of those things which can take a lot of practice. There is usually plenty of trial and error involved before you see the results you want. Nonetheless, there are some basic rules which can help you to forge a more positive working culture in no time at all. Many of these rules are easy to live by; others less so. But they are all necessary if you want to improve your business from the ground up. No matter the size of your business, following these rules is likely to help hugely. Let’s take a look at how to make your workplace more productive today.

Put Wellbeing First

Many businesses, particularly larger ones, fail to properly look after their employees’ wellbeing. But the truth is, taking care of the people in this basic way must be the first step. Without this, there is little chance that the rest will properly fall into place. But how can you expect to help your employees take care of themselves? In part, it is a matter of ensuring that nobody is overworked. This makes a huge difference alone, as overworking leads to increased stress and a higher likelihood of contracting a disease. It also means actively encouraging people to take breaks. If you can help it, don’t let people sit at their desks during their break. They need to be able to stretch their legs and actually get away from the office for a while. This really does make a huge difference. When you make the health of your employees a priority, you are setting a precedent which is going to pay off in the long run.

Know What To Do In An Emergency

No matter how careful you are, there is always the chance that something will go wrong in your workplace. Emergencies happen all the time, and there is only a certain amount you can do to avoid them. The most important thing is to ensure that you have a clear plan in place for if the worst does happen. Again, your priorities here should be the wellbeing of your employees. When a serious incident occurs at work, it can be surprising what an effect it can have on your employees psychologically. Having a critical incident stress management plan in place can help a great deal.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Communication

What really keeps things alive in a business is the communication between colleagues. When a workplace suffers from a lack of communication, it really shows in the quality of the work. Conversely, one which encourages open and honest communication is likely to be one which brings out the best in people. The best way that you can bring about this change in your workplace is by embodying it as fully as you can yourself. You will soon find that your employees start following your example, and this will lead to a more open and communicative working culture.

Focus On Employee Development

Plenty is lost when a business stops thinking about the individual as an individual. On the other hand, your business is likely to go far if you actively embrace each employee’s independent development. Doing so is also likely to be a plus for the business itself. After all, the more developed the employees are, the better the quality of work is bound to be. Work hard to ensure that your employees are allowed to develop as fully as possible. If necessary, allow regular training days if you think it will help them develop.

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Show That You Trust

The more responsibility you place in the hands of your employees, the more capable they will feel in their role. This will then result in more trust on your part – and so a virtuous cycle is created. If you are worried about giving people too much responsibility in the early days, then start small and slowly build it up. This way, you can be sure that you are not rushing anyone into anything they can’t handle.

Be Flexible and Generous

People are likely to appreciate their work much more if you allow the job to work around them a little more. It is always a sound idea to be as generous as you can with things like holiday and sick pay. This doesn’t mean going over the top with it – nobody will respect you then. However, if you err on the side of generosity, it is likely to pay off in the long run. By the same token, try to be as flexible as you can around what kind of hours people work. You could even allow certain roles to work from home.

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