A Lesson in Making Your Brand Better Than the “Norm”

If ever there was a time when I truly believed in ‘personal branding’ it would be now after my own firsthand look.

Just this month I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the winery and vineyard of Norman Hardie (owner and brand) in picturesque Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. I know what you’re probably thinking, “the name doesn’t ring a bell” and to you I would say I didn’t anticipate it would. However, one of the important take-aways from my meeting with “Norm” is that his entire brand is a reflection of his personality and that is the secret to creating authenticity.

Oven-fired pizza at Norman Hardie vineyards

From the simple yet classy and memorable logo design, to the wine glasses etched with his logo to the packaging and decor. Attention to detail is not spared. Mr. Hardie also explained that selling wines is more than just that, it is about making an experience for its visitors and this they’ve done perfectly by adding a selection of delicious pizzas. People love to create memories.

How does anyone build their names into a brand and make it a success? Well, I think the answer lies in first creating a logo that captures who you are now and who you aspire to be in the future and your business ethos is a reflection of that.

The wines of Norman Hardie

I plan on doing two things going forward, applying as much as I learned from Norman Hardie and finally revisiting this lovely winery and vineyard for the wines and pizzas.

Fun fact: I’m really a beer drinker.

To find out more about Norman Hardie, visit the website: http://www.normanhardie.com/

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7 Replies to “A Lesson in Making Your Brand Better Than the “Norm””

  1. Thanks for this. I did a blog post on a personal logo and thought I was the only one who had considered doing this. Was worried that I was going crazy. 🙂

  2. I certainly appreciate it that. I’m seeing a good deal of ideas on your blog that match up with mine. I might have to steal you as a source for some of my upcoming posts.

  3. Are you in Canada? Isn’t Prince Edward County a lovely place? I remember meeting Norman Hardie in Toronto when he was working as a sommelier at the Four Seasons Hotel. Glad to hear you are having some good experiences during our very cold springtime!

  4. At the moment, no, but I was there with a Jamaican delegation from both Manchester and St. Elizabeth Parish on a learning exchange that took us to different parts of Ontario. It was great. PEC is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever had the opportunity to set eyes on. We were lucky enough to have some really warm days. Norman Hardie was a wonderful personality and he really made us all feel welcomed on his vineyard. Top-notch businessman.

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