All The Google Services Your Business Should Be Using

There are some people out there who think that Google is nothing more than a search engine. Of course, there’s much more to this juggernaut than a simple search tool. Google offers all sorts of services that can be very beneficial to your business. We’ve got a definitive list of them for you today, along with some information about what they can do. So, let’s take a look.

Google Business

Google very much understands that businesses need a helping hand to navigate its vast array of possibilities. That’s where Google Business comes in. It helps you to gain access to its network of opportunities, legitimizing your company as an online business. Some of the things you can do with Google Business is register your opening hours, phone number and get yourself on the map. Local businesses engaging in retail or restaurant marketing strategies might particularly benefit from this.

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Google Search

Yes, this is the tool you’ve been using for years. Every business is probably going to be using Google’s search engine tool in some form or another. You should certainly be using it, but think about how you use it as an SEO tool, too. Search Engine Optimization helps your online presence to become more prominent. As a result, your website should rise up the search rankings along the way. This can be bolstered with a variety of methods that are quite complicated in nature.

Google Plus

Social media has taken over the world, and you just knew that Google had to get in on the action. They did that in the form of Google Plus, and you’ll need to get involved with it. If nothing else, signing up for Google Plus allows you to take advantage of the rest of Google’s services. It’s also yet another important social media marketing option to entice new customers. It has a few quirks that separate it from other social media platforms, making it a worthwhile look-in.

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Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising tool to help boost sales and increase brand recognition. You know all those Google advertisements you see when you search for something? They might have come through an AdWords campaign. You’re free to set a budget and go as elaborate with your campaign as you like, too. If you’re struggling to get interest in your business, this might just be a good option.

Google Analytics

This is yet another tool that is used extensively by those who operate a website for business purposes. Google Analytics gives you access to masses of information about your site and its metrics. For example, you might be able to find out about social media traffic, mobile engagement and much more. It can help to streamline your entire business, showcasing trends and areas of improvement. It’s no surprise that Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytical tools available for website management.

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These are just the Google services that you should be using. You’ve also got options in the form of Gmail, Hangouts and more. There’s a lot of potential at your fingertips!


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