Bring Back the Hustling-bustling High Street


The retail industry has seen some pretty mega-changes in the last decade or so, as have a lot of industries thanks to the rise of technology. Still, none have had their operations affected quite so much as retailers. The internet has eaten away into the way physical shops go about attracting customers.

But it isn’t just down to the internet because there are a few ways in which retailers simply missing out on alluring the money-spenders, both new and old, which is what we are here to address on your behalf. Oh, don’t worry, we love a hustling and bustling high street, so you’re more than welcome.

Image Credit: Pexels

People Want An Experience

If the internet has achieved one thing it has made shopping easier, quicker and more wham, bam thank you, ma’am. That’s why you need to be able to offer something more and that something is an experience. Trust us, they can probably get your product cheaper online. So give them an epic experience. Have the music of best local bands playing through the speakers, have a working coffee machine, maybe an old school console in the corner, or a popcorn maker that makes the smell almost edible. All of this stuff adds to the experience, it gets people talking, it gets them through the door and buying.

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Explore The Online World

Your best hope to increase sales is to increase the avenues you operate in, and that means having an online presence, namely a website. Once this is done, it becomes a marketing tool and that means it could be worth finding the right agency to help you use it to full effect. Little things are what will get you noticed, get people buying and bring people to your shop. This is things like an ecommerce site, a blog, promotions, original photography, sleek images and arty videos. All of these will add to your relationship with Google and add to your brand, and consumers love associating with a brand.

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Your Window Displays

One of the most powerful pieces of marketing available is a display window. One of the first people to recognize this was Robert Mitchell of Disney, who saw big windows as a chance to install big movie posters and dominate the high street when it came to movie marketing. What big windows should do is capture the attention and intrigue of passersby, give them a reason to gamble on a quick peek through your door, and explore your place. That means getting creative. Of course, there are companies that specialize in displays, but why not just go wild and wacky and make something that jumps out at people, something that can’t be ignored, something that sells who you are and allows them to look into the beating heart of what your brand is about.

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Regular Communication is A Winner

Okay, so first off, find a way in which you can get your customer’s contact details in an non-intrusive way. Once this has been done utilize it to keep up regular communications. Weekly emails, monthly newsletters, publications, and promotional offers. By staying at the forefront on their minds you’ll be the place they think of when they need something new. You’ll be there go to place and that is exactly what you want to be.