Business Growth 101: A Gigantic Job

Throughout history, there have been loads of great scientists, thinkers, business people, and other experts in the fields humans are interested in. Most people love the idea of joining the ranks of those in this position, immortalising their work and leaving a mark on the world. Of course, though, achieving this will take a little more than working hard. Along with this, you always have to be looking for something new, and this post is here to help you out.

Why Do Businesses Need Big Projects?

The people and organizations responsible for shaping the world haven’t gotten to their status through mere human power and resources. Instead, they earn their achievements through innovation, challenging the way that things used to be done. To do this with your own company, it’s a simple matter of looking for a chance to grow and finding the sort of project you’d like to take on. Of course, though, it will take a lot of work, with loads of challenges along the way.

What Sort Of Projects Could You Try?

One of the hardest parts of this sort of job will be choosing the sort of project you’re going to take on. Below, you can find some examples of the typical areas a business will use to grow, and some information to help you to choose whether or not they are for you. Along with this, it would be wise to do some research of your own, as this area could be very different depending on the type of business you run.

  • Prosperous Premises: The very first area a lot of companies will look at expanding will be the buildings and premises they use. Most small businesses will look into renting at this stage. But, if you want to truly break the boundaries with something like this, using a company like DSC personnel to help you in getting your own place built could be a great option. You might need a loan for this, and may even have to save for a long time, but you will give yourself a great addition to your company in return.
  • Expansive Employment: Of course, though, there isn’t much point in having a big building if you don’t have anyone to put inside it. Employing people is a great way to push your business towards growth, giving you a way to do more work and make more money in the process. This sort of effort can usually be handled by another company. To help you with it, you should start by looking for a recruitment firm which specializes in the type of business you’re running.
  • Giving Something Back: Throughout your time as an employer, you will be faced with a lot of different decisions. One of the biggest of these will be the amount you give back to those working for you, as well as the amount you give to your local area. Treating employees well and rewarding them fairly has proven to motivate them to work harder. Along with this, helping your local community will almost always raise your reputation.
  • A Charitable Effort: It can be frustrating to give loads of time and effort back to people without it being recognised. Along with this, though, you might simply have other plans when it comes to where you want your money to go. Businesses have a lot more power when it comes to charity than individuals do. You will often have a lot more to give, and will always have loads more to gain from it, boosting the way everyone looks at you with each donation. Of course, this should never be used as a tool, but you can still do some good while enjoying the benefits.
  • New Horizons: For some companies, growth can mean more than just getting bigger. Along with this, loads of businesses will want to start thinking about broadening their field of scope as they grow. By selling a greater range of products or services, you will make it easier to make more money. Most companies will have a clear idea of what they can do next. Along with this, though, you could also look around online to figure out what customers might want you to sell.
  • Powering The World: Finally, as the last idea on this list, it’s time to think about the ways that you can impact the world as a whole. Companies like SpaceX and Tesla have been putting loads of effort into this sort of area, building tools which aren’t just for profit but to make Earth better. Your ideas might have to be a little bit smaller. But, with the right effort, this sort of challenge can have a real impact, even if you’re only making small changes.

Achieving Your Lofty Goals

With an idea of the goal you’d like to achieve in your mind, it will be time to start working on the way you’re going to make it happen. This will be a long process, and you will need to do loads of work along the way. With the benefits this can give you, though, this will almost always be worth it. Below, you can find some examples of the stages you will have to go through if you want to start your own gigantic job.

  • Start A Plan: Even when you’re unsure of how you’re going to make something work, it is worth coming up with some sort of plan. This should include the time it will take to reach your goal, the steps along the way, and any additional information, like the people working with you on it. This will give you a good place to start, along with providing a solid plan which can be edited and adapted as your project evolves. This gives you loads of scope for change in the future.
  • Do Some Research: Once you have an idea of how you’re going to tackle your big job, you can start to think about researching it. The biggest companies in the world will often use entire teams to perform this role. But, instead, you will have to rely on the support you can get for free to make this happen. Banks, financial companies, and other businesses working in the sectors you need to research will almost always be able to provide some support for your growth. Along with this, blog posts and forums can also be very helpful.
  • Put It To The Test: When a company comes up with a new product or idea, they will often run it past potential customers long before it ever hits the shelves. Even if your idea is something entirely different, you should be considering how you will test it before you start to put loads of money into it. This sort of approach will help you to avoid wasting time and effort on something which won’t work.
  • Put It Into Action: Finally, with your plans all complete, your research airtight, and your testing showing good results, you will be ready to put all of your work into action. Whether this is opening a building, your employee’s first day, or the start of anything else, you will need to be ready for it. This will require a section of your planning all on its own and will have to be done right if you want to be successful.

The Benefits Of A Gigantic Job

Along with providing you with a chance to grow, this sort of effort can be good for your company is loads of different ways. You will have gained a valuable resource in whatever your project was for. Having tested your company and its products, you will have made it stronger, and your own skills as a leader and manager will have improved by a huge margin. Ultimately, a lot of companies will ignore this sort of pursuit when they’re first growing. But, even if it holds you back at first, this sort of action will almost always see you standing out from the crowd.

Remain On The Hunt For Something New

Finally, it’s time to think about the future of your company a little bit, and where you will go once you’ve finished the first stages of your growth. In reality, a successful company will never stop growing. To achieve this, you will have to be on the hunt for new ideas and inspiration throughout your business career. Not only will this give you the chance to change the way you work, but it will also shape your company into something better, giving you the chance to explore much bigger projects. When you’re looking for inspiration, websites like Pinterest are one of the best places to go.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your company’s growth. It can be hard to know where to turn during a time like this. You will have a lot of work on your hands, loads of advice coming from different places, and big decision after big decision to make. Altogether, this can make this challenge feel impossible. But, with the right tools, you will be able to succeed against any odds, and you just have to find them to get started.

Setting up Shop as an Online Retailer

These days, when you want to go into business for yourself, you really do have a whole host of options available to you. That’s the beauty of the modern world; so much more is accessible to you right now than it ever has been before. So you’re really not closed off from any kind of opportunity. However, with a smorgasbord of options, you may find that you have a lot to choose from – too much in fact. And that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. So, if you are going to set up shop, you might want to start with something broad, like online retail.

The online retail market might seem saturated to you, but there’s always room for more. Especially if you have a specific niche that you can go into. The thing with retail is, that people are often looking for the best product, things they need, things they want, and at the right price — not matter how low or high-priced that may be.

So as long as you can pull together a business plan for a good store with the right products aimed at a market that will be interested, you’ll be on the right track. So let’s take a look at what you might need to consider to make this happen.

Image Credit: Pexels

Your Products

So, before you do just about anything else or get ahead of yourself, you’re going to want to decide what products you’re going to sell and in what kind of niche or industry.

What You’re Going To Sell

This is probably going to be the most important part of this entire process, because without deciding on the products you’re going to sell, you can’t do much else! So you need to get thinking about what you should stock. Sometimes, this will be easy. You may already have something in mind, which sparked your idea to start an online store in the first instance. But if you haven’t and you’re open to suggestions, you should think about the profitable products that could work for you.

Who You’re Going To Sell It To

But that’s not all you need to do. Because choosing what you’re going to sell is just half of the battle. You then have to actually make sure that there is a market for the product. And the answer to this section shouldn’t just be yes, you actually have to define your target market and know exactly who you’re going to be selling to.

How You’re Going To Source Them

So now that you’re getting there, you’re going to want to get some of your plans a little more firmed up. Because knowing what you’re going to sell is great in theory, but you have to know that you can make it happen. You should find a supplier that either can be your wholesaler for the products, or supply you the parts that you need to create your products from scratch.

Your Website

Then, you’re going to need to work on the actual store aspect of the business, which in this case will be your website.

The Design

As you start to set up your site, it’s essential that you think about creating the right look. This should ideally fit in with the brand vision you have for your business. That means that your color scheme should be the same as your brand across the board. But you also need to ensure that the design you come up with is easy for your customers to navigate. For this reason, it can be useful to work with a development company.

The Ecommerce Provider

But you also need to make sure that you choose the right ecommerce platform. This is another reason why it can be useful to work with an ecommerce provider, as they can talk you through your options and which may be best for your needs. They’re likely to have worked with many before, so should have some good insights. But you do have to make sure that you pick a provider that you’re going to find easy to use and work with.

A Blog

At this point, you may also want to build a blog on your site. This can be great for your business for SEO reasons. This is something that can fall under your marketing, but as you’ll be pulling together your website design, it can be covered off here too. You need to build a section on your site that will let you to publish blog posts.

Your Marketing

Closely related to setting up your website is working on your marketing. In fact, the last point about your blog, is very interlinked with how you’re going to market your store. So let’s look at what you can do.

The Strategy

Firstly, before you begin to market your business in any way at all, you’re going to want to come up with a suitable strategy. Because every effective kind of promotion will have a purpose. You need to come up with promotional goals and ensure that all of the activity you execute stays in line with achieving those goals.

The Platforms

As part of that strategy, you need to be thinking about the right platforms to work on. Because you will want to have a good social media presence. And to do that, you have to know which platforms will work best for you. To choose, you should be thinking about your audience and where they tend to interact, and you should discover where you need to be.

The Promotions

Then, you need to know exactly what you’re going to do with your marketing. Are you going to advertise or do any PR? What message will you use? How long will each campaign be? What results are you looking to get? It’s essential that you can plan out full promotional campaigns from conception to results.

Your Distribution

You also need to know how you’re going to supply your products. This should factor not only into your business operations as a whole, but into your pricing too.

Where You’ll Store Stock

Okay, so let’s think about something much more practical. So you have the products that you want to sell — or you will do soon. But where are you going to store them? Whether you choose to use a warehousing company or you buy your own building, this is something that needs to be factored into your plan. The outcome of this can often determine your pricing strategy too, based on the overall cost.

How You’ll Get It To The Customer

And how are you planning on getting your products to your customer? You’re an online store, so you know that they can’t just come on in and buy from you then take the products away. Therefore, you have to arrange a delivery option for them. This is going to require you to negotiate a contract with the right deliver company. This too will affect your pricing and what you charge for delivery — as your rates need to be similar to your competitors and others in the industry to be competitive.

Will You Wholesale?

This leads us nicely on to our last distribution-based question, which is about wholesale. Because you’re going to want to consider the option of wholesaling your product. For clothing, places like ASOS or Nordstrom would be a great example of where you could sell. Or, do you just want your items to be available exclusively from you?

Image Credit: Pixabay

Your Growth

But you shouldn’t just be thinking about the things you need for right now, for getting set up. You also need to be thinking ahead. It’s essential that you can plan in your growth if you want to succeed.

Business Planning

So you’re pulling together this business plan now to get everything off the ground. But it’s not just something you should do once and forget about. Business planning can be the sole thing that pushes your growth forwards. Because when you’re trying to keep things on track, and you’re setting goals to chase, you have a way of holding yourself accountable for accomplishing things. And this can often help you to make sure you do continue to grow.

Growth Strategy

With that last point in mind, it’s going to help you to have a growth strategy. This is something that you could set in place now, so that you know what work you have to do, or once you’ve gotten everything else off of the ground. Either way, it can be the essential ingredient that will make sure the growth actually takes place.

Financial Forecasting

The third and final kind of planning you should consider is financial forecasting. This is something that you will need to do now as part of your business plan, but it will help you to stay motivated to keep thing going too. Numbers aren’t easy to chase unless you have them in mind. You then need to formulate the figures backwards to find out what you need to sell in order to make that happen. Even if you’re not great with numbers, this can be incredibly motivating to help your store grow.

It’s Time to Update Your Management Style!

It’s a strange thing that, just because you’re the kind of person who has the drive and passion to start a business, you’re then expected to be able to be a great manager as well. Of course, there is a pretty good chance that the part of your that was able to create a business will also help you stay on top of everything, but even with the bird’s eye view of the business that you have, it’s still not always easy. The truth is that managing a business is a whole unique skillset that not everyone has. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn those skills. With that in mind, here are just a few of the ways that you can update your management style for the good of your business.

Treat your employees like people

Far too often, business owners think of every part of their business in terms of resources. They try to quantify everything from equipment to time. Of course, this can often be very useful, but there’s one place where this method simply doesn’t work: people. Your employees might be the most valuable resource that your business has, but that doesn’t mean that you can treat them like machines.

You need to remember that your employees are people with needs and limits that you have to be aware of. Otherwise, you’re going to end up overworking them and causing them to become frustrated and resentful of your business as a whole.

Keep track of your data

In the modern digital world, data is more important than ever before. However, far too many business owners simply aren’t good at managing it properly. Whether it’s keeping data secure or simply being able to analyse and understand it properly if you’re not managing your data properly your business is going to pay the price.

Luckily there are things in place which can help you. Whether it’s Excel data analysis or the use of things like cloud storage, managing your data has never been easier. Being able to better understand your data and keep it secure is going to be incredibly useful for your entire business.   

Plan for everything

There is no resource in your business quite so important yet tricky to manage than time. The thing about time is that it’s the one resource that, once used, you can never get it back. Because of that, you need to make sure that you’re planning for just about everything as carefully as possible. Otherwise, you’re going to end up wasting time and working inefficiently which can have serious consequences for your business down the line.

Not every business owner is going to be good at everything, and that’s something that you should come to terms with as quickly as possible. However, there are certain things that you need to be responsible for, and management is one of them. If you feel like you’re not able to manage your business properly, the best thing that you can do is to put in the effort to improve and develop those skills. After all, if you’re not going to manage your business, it’s unlikely that anyone will.

Can You Truly Run an Entire Business from Your Bedroom?

It’s no secret that running a business from home is a popular idea these days. But, a lot of people still have one main concern — is it actually possible? Surely, at some point, you have to move into an office, right? Or, can you really just run an entire business from your bedroom?

To answer this, I’ve made a few points that show how it might be possible to become a business owner and never leave your bed.

apartment, apple, business

Use Online Technologies to Your Advantage

Online technologies have made it far easier to fully fun an entire business from your bedroom. They tackle a few key problems that home business owners might have come across in the past. The main one is employee collaboration. Previously, people struggled to properly collaborate with employees unless they were all in the same room.

Now, thanks to the cloud, you can do this with ease. There are tools out there that let you all work on the same documents together, and you’ve also got so many instant messaging services to make communication simple too. Furthermore, businesses can use online marketing to reach a wide audience these days too.

Before, working from home might have restricted your market reach, now it’s not an issue!

Utilise Different Third-Party Services

A third-party service is when you look outside of your business for help with certain things. The best example of this is a third-party logistics service (3PL). A lot of businesses will use 3PL warehouse management services to help them run their business from home. The idea here is that you remain in your home office, while a third-party service operates a warehouse for you.

You can get all your stock delivered there, where they sort through it and deliver it to your customers. Another great example is third-party customer service providers. Again, you stay at home, but they have an entire office full of customer service providers ready to listen to your customers.

In both instances, you’ve provided a top-level service without needing to move out of your home office. The idea is to offload large tasks to other companies that can handle them better than you.

Choose a Business Ideal that Works

Last, but by no means least, you need to consider your business idea itself. The main thing to think about is, well, will it actually work?! There are loads of business ideas that are almost designed to work well when ran from home. Online retail companies and businesses offering services or consultations are fantastic examples of ideas that work.

But, you also have some ideas that just won’t work well at all. It’s all about looking at your idea and figuring out where the sticking points are. What I mean is; where can you foresee issues with running this company from home. Businesses that often require clients to come and meet with you aren’t really ideal for home business ideas. You don’t want to have important people coming to your house every day, it looks unprofessional, and you’re better off with an office.

You can definitely run your whole business from home without ever needing an office. The key is choosing the right idea, outsourcing the right tasks, and using the internet to your advantage!

Health Is Wealth — Starting a Profitable Juice Bar Business

Health is big business, and these days more of us than ever have a strong focus on our health. Strong is the new skinny, and the popularity of gyms is increasing exponentially. With better knowledge and technology such as fitness trackers, apps and smart scales allowing us to track our health and fitness, it’s something that appeals to the average person.

So if you’re planning on starting a new business venture, something relating to health is a good choice. Juice and smoothie bars are becoming incredibly popular, and thanks to everyone’s interest in living healthier lives there’s a big market for this kind of thing. If you’re thinking something food based then something like this would be a good option. Here’s how you can go about it.

Decide If You’re Going to be Static or Mobile

Your first step is deciding whether you will be selling your drinks from a static shop or a food truck. A static stall or shop in a mall is likely to be expensive to rent, but you will get plenty of foot traffic. If you choose to go mobile you have the ability to move around, plus once you’ve bought the food truck you don’t have to worry about paying any rent.

If you choose a location such as outside of a gym then you’re likely to target the right customers. You could also go to parks, fetes and festivals- since many food trucks will be offering unhealthy snacks you have the edge and will appeal to anyone looking to keep it more healthy.

Create Your Recipes

You will need to create delicious smoothies and juices that people actually want to buy. Create and then test out everything you make, do your market research to make sure that you’re providing people with what they want. You could do different fruit and vegetable combinations and have extras such as natural yoghurt, chia seeds, oats or goji berries as additional ‘boosts’ for customers wanting to pack a punch with nutrition.

Make sure everything is clearly labelled, as well as all of the ingredients you need to ensure you’re labelling any allergens. Label which are your drinks are vegan too, this makes life easier for your customers.

Source Materials and Equipment

You will need to find a supplier for things like cups and straws to serve your drinks in. If you want to bottle up some as a takeaway option, you would need to look into choosing a plastic bottle supplier too. You will need a high quality juicer and blender, and of course a  fruit and vegetable supplier. With it being a business that needs fresh ingredients, you need to ensure that they are reliable since missed deliveries will mean you’re unable to trade for the day.

A juice and smoothie business can be very profitable, and gives customers a choice to make a healthier option. Take advantage of the fact that people are aiming to live healthier lives, this could be an incredible opportunity for a lucrative business venture.

What kinds of juices and smoothies would you sell?

How to Make Your Customers as Happy as This Cup of Coffee

As your business grows, it will become more and more important to maintain good relationships with your customer base. As a small business, keeping track of customers’ needs is comparatively easy but for larger businesses it is all too easy to become a faceless corporation.

Image Credit: Pexels

Ask Your Customers What They Want — Then Listen

All customers have certain expectations and your business should be designed to meet those expectations. If you find that you are going off track and you’re not sure how to get back, asking your customers is the best way to find out what they want. A great way to do this is through a community or forum where customers can share ideas with each other too.

But the key part is listening and acting on their responses.

If there is one thing you can do that will make your customers happy, it is simply listening to them and then making a change. Not every customer will give you a good idea — and you shouldn’t let customers cloud your vision —- but quite a lot of them will tell you how to resolve a problem.

All companies will have moments where they wish they could have done better, but if you are seen to be making improvements or helping customers out, it will do wonders for your brand image.

Invest in the Best Software to Analyse Your Results

To make the most of your conversations with customers — especially if you are running a call centre — you really should invest in some analytics software like Evaluate Quality. This will help you to set procedures in motion to deal with similar problems consistently but it will also give you the opportunity to see where you can improve your relations.  

By giving your team the best software, they can really start to make a difference to the way you deal with customers, improving retention and providing a high quality service.

Be Active on Social Media and Interact Naturally

Social media is both brilliant for companies and a potential minefield. You really do need to watch out for how your social interactions come across and be certain that when you post, you are looking out for the best interests of your audience. Basically, don’t say or do anything offensive!

That being said, there are all sorts of creative ways that you can draw your customer’s attention on social media. For example, you could use light-hearted GIFs, make self-deprecating jokes or even tease rival companies. Social media is a great way for brands to make themselves a bit more approachable so a great social media exec will take you a long way.

As your company grows, customer relations are going to be even more important to you. You need to be able to gather the right information, analyse the results and put processes in place to make sure that you can deal with any problems, encourage other customers to get involved with your brand and, above all, be consistent with your message.

A business is nothing without its customers, so do whatever it takes to make them as happy as that cup of coffee!

Creating A Stellar Website

Creating a website for your business is one of the first steps to take in any marketing plan. It’s one of the things that cements the reader to your brand and really allows them to explore who you are, what your business is all about. It also tells them why they should use you for your stellar product(s) and or service(s). Think of it like a window into the soul of your business, because that it essentially what it is.

Your site should be exciting, clean and straight to the point. Lay out who you are, what you do and any other information you think will be useful. Sell yourself and your products.

Think about the way you design the website to begin with. No one wants to be looking at a screen with 20 different colours, a flying unicorn going across the screen and flashing lights, do they? Refer to this article to give you some ideas on how to start off.

Simple, clean and refined is the best place to start. You can build on that and make your website reflect who you are as a business after that. The key is to build your foundation first.

Typography and calligraphy is what comes next. Take a look at some different fonts and find one which is dynamic, unique but easy to read too. Then once you’ve decided on that you should look at your line spacing, the size of the text and the colour. Black is traditional however slate grey may add that air of modern to the site.

Image Credit: Pexels

When you pick your colour scheme, don’t think that more is more; because it’s really not. If you try to incorporate every colour of the rainbow into your website you will fall flat and the customer will be confused as to what your theme is supposed to be.

Think about the implications of certain colours and what they will mean for the tone of your website. Here are a couple of examples of colour schemes to get you started:

Grey, Yellow, and White – Monotone colours with a splash of vibrancy can make your website spring to life and feel incredibly clean and modern.

Red, White, and Pink – Using different hues of the same colour is a clever way to add tone and depth to your design when you want to stick to just one colour.

Green, White, and Blue – Cool tones will always make you think of the great outdoors or a sense of calm. Using pastel shades is a way to make the space feel larger and more sleek, whereas splashes of colour add that element of character.

Your logo and branding is possibly the most crucial step in creating that website which is ready for your information and content. Designing a logo that represents the tone, mission and overall feel of the brand can be difficult, but it is a rewarding mission once you have completed it.

You will need to take extra time making sure that the banners and headers for your website and social media platforms are cohesive with the logo and fit your tone of voice well.

Finally, once everything is designed you can look at the content. Remember to stay engaging, informative and to be transparent in your delivery. Gaining trust as a company takes time, and the website is the perfect place to start.

The Sure Signs You’re on Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success

If you are keen to succeed in the world of business, it is often necessary to ensure you have a number of qualities. Being able to see a business through to the end you want is hard, but with the right understanding of what it takes anyone with enough dedication can surely achieve it. The truth is that there are certain things you are going to need which will ensure that you can take your business where you want it to go. Some are personal qualities, while others are external influences you will need to harness. Let’s take a look at some of the sure signs that you can expect some entrepreneurial success in your life soon.

Having Access to Strong Capital

Without the financial impetus necessary to drive a business onward, you can’t really be sure that it is going to go anywhere. Having that capital behind you is definitely absolutely necessary if you want to see success in your life, and one of the biggest questions facing you will certainly be how to ensure you get hold of it.

You need capital in a strong and consistent manner, otherwise the future of your business might be inconstant too. Getting hold of a short-term business loan is often a necessary start, and you might also need to have a plan in place for ensuring future capital flow as well. With the money behind you, anything in business is possible.

Image Credit: Pexels

Being Dedicated to the Cause

There is something driving you to business, but what is it? If you want to be successful, it is likely that you will benefit from having a strong sense of what it is that drives you to do so. There has to be some cause which is underlying the business itself, and this is something you’ll need to think about if you want to make sure you are as likely to succeed as possible.

After all, without a clear understanding of your own motivations it is much less likely that you will be able to see the goals through to the very end. Get to the bottom of why you are doing what you’re doing, and you will be able to be more and more dedicated to what you are trying to achieve.

The Right Level of Delegation

Do too much yourself, and you will be in trouble. Do too little, and the same applies. It is often said that a good manager knows how to delegate, and there is definitely some truth to this. The reason it is true is because you need to know how much work needs to be delegated in order to keep the business running as smoothly as possible.

It is therefore a good idea to have a strong sense of who needs to do what if you want your business to succeed and live for as long as you like. Delegate well, and your business will be run more effectively, making it more likely to see the success you want to see.

Here’s Why Having a Mentor Can Be a Catalyst for Your Success

Are you still trying to chase success, even after a few years of working towards your goal? Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that you aren’t cut out for the project you have given yourself. It just means that you might need a small push in the right direction. And a mentor is the perfect person to give you that little push. Whether you are trying to find business success or a more personal-focused success, these are the best people to give you some help.

Still not convinced that you need a mentor? Maybe these reasons might change your mind.

Mentors See Where there’s Room for Improvement

We can’t always see our own flaws. We also aren’t always able to see how we might be able to improve. Thankfully, a mentor will be able to look at you and your work in an objective way, and by doing so will be able to come up with effective ways you could improve. As a mentor, they will be brutally honest with you and can provide you with some very useful constructive criticism.

Mentors Can Connect and Direct You to Resources or Experts

Even though your mentor might know how you can help and improve yourself, they might not be specialised in the area that you need particular help with. Your mentor will be able to point in the direction of a reputable entrepreneur blog if you are looking for insights into your professional life. If it is more personal help that you require, he or she might be able to put you in touch with a counsellor or therapist.

Gary Vaynerchuk in the streets of New York City | Image Credit:

Mentors Motivate and Inspire

Do you think you are just lacking a bit of encouragement with your projects? This is something else that a mentor can greatly help you with. They can offer you as much encouragement as you need, and they will know exactly how to reignite the flame inside you again. After a meeting with your mentor, you will definitely feel a lot more energised and ready to get on with your project!

Mentors Can Help You Improve Your Network

Think you could do with a better network of like-minded contacts and acquaintances? Most mentors will be more than happy to put you in touch with other people who they think can help you. This is especially the case with business mentors, as they will have a very large phone book filled with various names and email addresses! They will be able to quickly put you in touch with other people in your local area who can help you reach your goals.

Mentors Bring Their Life Experiences to the Table

If you don’t have many life experiences, don’t panic. You can always draw on those of your mentor. Your mentor will be able to look back at their previous successes and see what went right. They can then implement all of this into your project!

So, ready to find a new mentor and hit your targets?

Keep Things In-house to Maintain Your Control over Your Small Business

Nowadays, more and more small business owners are outsourcing aspects of their work. But if you’re new to the field, you might be a bit unsure as to what outsourcing is and what best suits your personal business needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the outsourcing process!

Image Credit: Pexels

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a commonly used business practice where businesses use independent third-party companies to complete specific tasks, operations, jobs, or processes. There are various reasons that companies do this. Sometimes outsourcing can save money: it can be cheaper in the short term to use third-party manufacturers to create a short run of goods.

It may also be easier to draw in individuals with independent expertise to complete one-off tasks rather than training one of your own employees or hiring a full-time employee to do one task and serving little more purpose for the benefit of your company.

Why Will It Benefit Me to Keep Things In-House?

While outsourcing is great for one-off tasks, or short production runs, it’s often better to keep things in-house if you plan to repeat the same tasks and manufacturing over and over. For these kind of things, outsourcing can prove more expensive in the long run. It’s better to own the means of production or employ the expert individual in the long-term if you’re going to require their services more regularly.

There are more benefits to doing this than mere cost and profit too. When you outsource, you hand a portion of control of your company over to someone else. You have to place your trust in them and hope that they complete the required work to the quality that you expect.

By keeping things in-house you regain control: you can oversee processes and make tweaks and changes along the way.

What Can I Keep In-House?


Manufacturing can easily be kept largely in-house. Consider investing in machines that you will get repeated and long-term use out of. For example, milling machines, robotic arms, and conveyor belts. This can ensure that your goods are produced, assembled, and packed as quickly as possible and that you can check up on them during every step of the process, assuring quality and precision.

Market Research

Many people use outsourced market research to save time. But if you have a little patience and work a few extra hours you can do the job yourself. Most of the research is already out there with results posted online. Then you can conduct small-scale specific interviews yourself. Simply use your social media page to find volunteers who will be able to give you a deeper insight and understanding of your brand and brand image.

These are just a couple of areas that you can shift from outsourced work to in-house work. It’s definitely worth the effort in the long run. While you may not see immediate results, you’ll notice the savings that you make mounting up over time. Any outlay for machinery or robotics will pay for itself and slowly turn into profit.