Quiksilver Japan Designs a ‘True Wetsuit’ For Those Who Work Hard and Surf Harder

Quiksilver, Inc. an Australian brand based in Huntington Beach, California, United States, is known for making boardshorts, shorts, wetsuits, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes and accessories. Their subsidiary, Quiksilver Japan has created a clever-offbeat product worth looking at. It’s all the four F’s that I admire rolled into one design – form, function, fashion, and FUN. It will comes in three styles and will set you back roughly $2,600 (¥300,000) if you’re interested.

Designers spent two months developing fabric samples
Designers spent two months developing fabric samples

It’s designed for those surfers who still want the thrill and enjoyment of riding the waves despite having a job and family life. Dubbed the ‘True Wetsuits’, it allows you the flexibility of stopping at the beach for a “quik” wave session, before continuing on that humdrum commute to work.

From the surfboard to the boardroom without changing clothes, it’s easypeasylemon-squeezy! Just make sure you get all the sand out of your hair. There’s no “True Wet-hat” quite yet.

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3 Big Dreamers Who Became Fearless Doers!

This past week I have learned some valuable lessons from three personalities from the world of business and the land of dreams through very brief interviews via Twitter. The challenge and the fun part of doing these interviews using tweets, is that the “tweeterviewee” [I made that up] only has 140 characters per tweet.

Cedella in one of her t-shirt designs inspired by her father, Bob Marley’s track of the same name

First, Cedella Marley, internationally-recognised fashion designer and daughter of the late great Bob Marley (Reggae Legend), shared with me some important lessons. Cedella professes doing what you love, following your passion and making it a reality after she spoke about her days with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. One of her most recent work (seen globally) was Jamaica’s Olympic Collection for @PUMA in London 2012.

Sandals and ATL Group CEO, Adam Stewart

My “tweeterview” with CEO, Adam Stewart of the Sandal Resorts International (SRI) brand, echoed that success only comes with a tremendous dedication to hard work and highlights how the media can sometimes trivialise the road to success by only showing “the glitz and glamour” perspective.

The final tweeterview involved notable fashion designer Lubica Slovak, known for her signature Lubica flower applique. She stated that her competitive advantage comes from doing what she loves and loving what she does. She proved too that inspiration is indeed all around us and that passion is secretly and obsession as well. In short, she has a passion for fashion.

Lubica after her showing at The Collection Moda 2013

You can never learn to be inspired by the uninspired, so why do you think you can be a dreamer when you surround yourself with people who never take the time to put their head amongst the clouds.

Dream BIG and live fearlessly!

To follow any of these personalities tweeterviewed, click on there Twitter handles below. See also their tweeterviews (below).

@cedellamarley | @AdamStewart | @LUBICAfashion

Editor’s Note: Updated on May 3, 2015

3 questions tweeted & 4 tweets with answers.

phresh phashion™ unveils its new designs: nineteen62™ THE COLLECTION

On August 3rd, 2012 I unveiled the first collection under the phresh phashion™ brand aptly titled ‘nineteen62™ THE COLLECTION’. A total of 24 t-shirts have been screen printed to test the market in sizes from small (S) to extra-large (XL).

The collection features two designs: 1962 ♥ Jamaica comes “ALIVE”! and LOVE JAMAICA LIKE COOK FOOD! on black and white high-end t-shirts made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex which makes it form-fitting, breathable and comfortable to wear.

Below are the designs:

1962 ♥ Jamaica comes “ALIVE”!

This shirt celebrates the love and genesis of Jamaica as a nation. The design also captures its inspiration from reggae music and this is represented with the use of colours that include red, green and gold. The 1962 in the design marks the birth of our beloved land while the typeface or font style is a throwback to that phunky era!  The heart in 1962 is the focal point of the design and is created by the negative space when the 6 and 2 come together. It also signifies that as a country “Our hearts beat as ONE people,  with ONE love.”


Ever notice that ackee looks like a heart?
This original design lavishes love on Jamaica!  The ackee being the national fruit (and one half of the famous national dish) also plays a dual role as a heart that expresses our love for Jamaica. The writing is reminiscent of a typeface or font style that existed in the 1960s, reminding us of Jamaica’s Independence as we “savour” 50 years.

Fun Fact: A Jamaican’s love of our food is never far from our hearts.

There’s no greater feeling than watching an idea go from concept to reality and this for me has been a wonderful moment to be living my dream of being a t-shirt designer who acknowledges the importance of form and function topped off with random, witty and fun designs.

This is just the beginning.

Now You Can Rebrand And Expand Your Business

Who doesn’t love great t-shirts! In the summer of 2003 I got tired of some of the t-shirt designs that were on the market at that time and decided that I would design and personalise my own blank t-shirts. Some of my friends liked my work enough to ask me to create custom t-shirts for them as well. Back then though my designs were all done via heat-transfer.

Flash-forward nine years later and I have never left the idea of one day designing t-shirts for a living. You can always tell when you’ve discovered your calling… it always comes back to you no matter how many times you try to forget about it or run from it. That was how phresh Ideas + Designs® was started as well. In February 2012 I screen printed my first design. It was aptly titled sneak attack™” for two reasons: 1) the graphic design (a Converse® sneaker) and 2) trying to break into an established t-shirt market. I launched the t-shirts under the phresh brand – phresh funkform™ (meaning form and function).

After selling a total of 10 t-shirts and giving away four in contests on Facebook and just randomly, I got some pretty good reviews from my customers (a lot of them friends). There was something about the brand name that made me second-guess continuing to go forward with it and so it dawned on me that sometimes the best names are the simplest ones. This is a lesson I learned from the Virgin Group started by Sir Richard Branson (also read my blog, What I Learned From the Virgin Leader and the Apple Creator).

With the aforementioned in mind I created phresh phashion™ as it communicated both what it would be providing and also reflects the phresh brand in its spelling. I plan to release several t-shirt collections of random, fun and witty ideas that inspire me.

This week two (2) new phresh phashion™ t-shirt designs inspired by my LOVE for Jamaica are in the process of being screen printed as we speak and will be available for purchase right after!! It’s a pretty BIG deal for me! I’ve always been a huge fan of t-shirts and those who know me have heard me say Starting phresh I + D® in October of 2010 was always the dream. I guess I’m getting there.Image

Fail Fast and Fail Cheap!

Since I started this business it has been quite the journey. I have learned a lot about failure but more importantly I have tasted success. Knowing for yourself how one of your ideas will play itself out is an indescribable feeling and there is no greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when you have gotten a taste of success.


One of the most important lessons I have taught myself is to fail fast and fail cheap. It allows you the opportunity to reduce the learning curve and bounce back financially. My most recent venture into the world of graphic t-shirts have given me this valuable lesson that I plan to take with me throughout the rest of my life.

Do not fear failure; fear not learning from it.