Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Have a Go at Recreating Extreme’s “More Than Words” Music Video

It’s going to take more than words to describe what I just watched. Hysterical! Comedians Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black did a shot-for-shot remake of Extreme‘s ballad More Than Words. Both do a solid job with the vocals which comes as no surprise since Jimmy’s done countless performances on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and now as host of The Tonight Show. Jack’s no amateur either having performed on many a stages solo or with his duo Tenacious D.

Jack Black in one of his live performance
Jack Black in one of his live performance

The track was originally released in 1990 and was written and originally performed by the rock band featured on their album “Pornograffitti” celebrating it’s 25th anniversary. It went on to receive nominations for Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Single

Original artwork for the second album by Extreme titled 'Extreme II: Pornograffitti'
Original artwork for the second album by Extreme titled ‘Extreme II: Pornograffitti’

It’s probably one of my favourite ballads primarily because of vocals and harmonies being composed around an acoustic guitar. That’s kind of hard to dislike. Here’s a fun fact you might want to learn; the song went all the way to hit Number One on June 8th 1991 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was during a time when the airwaves was inundated with high-energy dance-pop (Janet Jackson and Madonna) and emotionally-charged ballads (Mariah Carey and Hi-Five).

Throwback photograph of Extreme circa 1991
Throwback photograph of Extreme circa 1991

Anyway, after you’re done watching Jimmy and Jack’s recreation, the original video’s below so you can make the comparison. Also, go over to Extreme’s website for tour dates if you’re a huge fan or just curious.

Maroon 5 Debuts Its Feel Good Wedding Crashing Video, Sugar

Maroon 5 (M5) debuts their latest video “Sugar” from their fifth studio album entitled ‘V’ (pronounced five) and it’s a hit! It’s quite possibly one of the catchiest tunes at the start of 2015. In the video, Lead Singer Adam Levine explains that the band will cruise around Los Angeles, California, in an effort to hit up as many weddings as possible as surprise guest performers.

With each wedding, the reactions of the brides and grooms are priceless. I got married last November and I know if M5 had “crashed” my wedding, I’d be speechless too. Right now though, there’s some debate about whether or not the weddings in the video were real or fake.

The only confirmed real wedding of the entire video
Updated: The only confirmed real wedding of the entire video was this lovely couple

The video was directed by David Dobkin, director of the hit movie “The Wedding Crashers” that starred Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. It’s a feel good video and great pop song with a throwback to funk and sounds of the 80s.

Official movie poster for the film featuring the slogan
Official movie poster for the film featuring the slogan “Life’s a party. Crash it.”

It’s a brilliant effort from a logistical, branding and marketing perspective and fans appreciate seeing real people participation. I mean heck, who doesn’t love weddings. I guarantee it’ll get you dancing and leave you smiling from ear to ear.

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A Quick Music Video Review: ‘The Writing’s On the Wall’ by OK Go.

OK Go, an American alternative rock band originally from Chicago, Illinois, currently residing in Los Angeles, California is set to release ‘Hungry Ghosts’, their first new OK Go studio album in four years.

Who remembers their famous video all shot with them doing choreographed moves on treadmills? By the way, that song was called ‘Here It Goes Again’. If this new video is any indication, there might be a few more creative masterpieces on their way.

In this video, OK Go uses art and design to create mind-bending optical illusions that will leave you saying “OK, no” or maybe even “OK, what?!”. The song itself is “OK”, but it’s the video that makes it all worth the 4mins and 17 seconds.

To shoot the entire video in one take, must’ve taken them tremendous preparation, but it paid off. One can only imagine how many retakes and rollbacks they probably went through.

Well worth it!!