The UK’s Driving the Future with a Poop-powered Bus

Get a load of this! UK has launched a bus ran entirely on bio-methane dubbed the “Bio-Bus”. If you haven’t figured it out as yet, this bus runs on poop or if you want to get more technical, sewage.

On a full tank of gas, the GENeco bus can travel an impressive 200 miles.

Makes you rethink the concept of “clean” energy. Love the idea!

Introducing one sweet urban tricycle dubbed project RAIOOO

The ‘project RAIOOO’, is an urban tricycle, can be configured with different materials, including wood, cork, aluminum and leather and propelled by an electric motor. It has been developed by the students of the Master in Integrated Design.

Who wouldn’t want to be cruising around on a farmers’ market run on one of these! Watch the video below and tell me you wouldn’t get yourself a RAIOOO too.