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In this Chinese animated short by student animator, Xie Chenglin, our addictions to smartphones are cleverly portrayed by reducing us to one eye and thumbs. It has no dialogue, but it doesn’t need it to effectively communicate the story through very simple hand-drawn characters. From the opening scene to the end, a series of disastrous encounters ensue, each more ridiculous than the former.

A quote worth remembering as we move through our days
A quote worth remembering as we move through our days

The scariest part about watching the nearly three minutes film is how painfully sad, insanely funny and accurate it is all at once! Mind you, it is exaggerated, but you will agree that we’ve all become distracted with our electronic devices in a world driven by being and staying “connected”. Ironically, the world couldn’t be more disconnected and isolated. It’s no wonder it won the 2014 Central Academy of Fine Arts Annual Award.

Some days I’m out and about and I feel like I have to walk for some pedestrians, because they’re always looking down. It’s become quite the obstacle course. It reminds me of a blog I wrote some time ago on a poem entitled “Look Up”.

Chinese Animated Short Hilariously Shows How Addicted We’ve Become to Our Smartphones