Creating a Voice in Content Marketing and Branding

Who are you?

What makes you different?

Why are you special?

These are the questions that successful business owners ask themselves regularly to ensure that they have a brand worth believing in.

Content marketing is an essential tool for growing your brand and establishing your business’ identity in a heaving ocean of competitors. When you’re engaged in the day-to-day operations of your business you’re probably asking yourself every day what you can do to ensure that your customers want to come to you and not your closest competitor. It may be in the quality of your product, your interactions with the customer or the aesthetic of your premises but every day you’re making decisions about the kind of business you want to be.

This is equally important in digital realms.

It’s unfortunately easy to damage your brand with an incoherent or inconsistent approach to content marketing. Even if you outsource your content marketing to a service like Digital Logic, it’s still important to decide on a definitive voice for your brand and tailor your content to that voice.

Finding that voice, however, can prove difficult. Here are some helpful tips to giving your content a fresh and distinctive voice.

Describe yourself in three words

Yeah, it’s a tired icebreaker for awkward networking events but it’s also a very useful way of determining the kind of voice for your brand. If your brand was a person, what three words would you use to describe them? Would they be quirky, creative and fun? Steadfast, reliable and transparent? Sleek, sexy and desirable? Obviously these will be determined by what your business does best and the general needs of your client base.

This is a great step towards knowing your brand and creating a starting point for your content strategy.

Now, start streamlining

Take a cross-section of your blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts or email shots. Pick out the ones that best exemplify your brand’s voice in action. Share them with your collaborators and content generators. Make it explicit why these are exemplary materials for the kind of online presence you want to create. They can then start to tailor content accordingly.

Of course, it’s important to ensure that this is all in line with the target demographic of your customer based and not determined by creative whimsy.

Translate characteristics into action

Having decided on your brand’s characteristics and some key examples it’s important to get together with your content creators and start translating them into actionable examples.

So if one of your key characteristics is ‘quirky’, how would that translate into an approach to content? What would that content say about the brand?

Perhaps it might go like this:

“We are quirky, which means we celebrate the fact that we are different from our competitors. We will show this in our content by using creative language; vivid imagery or unorthodox examples. We will adopt a colloquial, breezy tone that is fun and engaging for the reader.”

In so doing, you will ensure that your content is unique, consistent and engaging while standing out from that of your competitors.

Just be sure to adjust your strategy and rethink your voice as your business expands or your customer base changes.