Did the Quaker Oats Man Lose Weight to Respond to Consumer Trends?


Quaker Oats has been around for 137 years. We all know and possibly have eaten the cereal at some point in our lives and maybe even fell in love with it, but have you noticed the iconic Quaker character has shed some weight? If I had to make a guess, I’d say an easy (or difficult) 10 pounds. Makes you wonder what’s his secret.

Getting back to the logo design, the subtle change in the character’s face is noticeable enough. The typeface (font style) has also changed from its “curvy” days to one more “solid” and “defined”. That’s hilarious when you think about it. Perhaps they wanted to keep a theme going in the redesign or maybe I’m over-analysing. The new red backdrop definitely captures your attention and I’m sure was an intentional design feature.

It’s funny how changing habits and lifestyle trends have influenced rebranding efforts in the last decade for numerous big name companies. Brands like Hostess with its famous Wonder Bread and Twinkies failed to see the shift in consumer choices and habits.

When you think about the whole redesign, it does make sense I suppose given that oats is marketed as a health food. The company probably decided having a chubby man just wasn’t cutting it anymore when they’re encouraging eating healthy with their own product. We are what we eat?

In business, its important to stay in touch with market trends and consumer preferences and respond accordingly to stay relevant, maintain your competitive edge and keep market share. In any case, this design still preserves the history and personality of the brand. That’s the secret to keeping your customers and shareholders happy.

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  1. He does look good! Healthier haha… I suppose they figured you can’t be selling in this market to people who are hitting the gym, drinking health smoothies, gone vegan, and so on and have a guy with a double-chin selling a health food. Now he looks like a “cereal” health junkie! 🙂

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