Don’t Forget About Traditional Advertising Mediums

In less than a decade, the world has gone almost digital and it’s easy to see why. Social media blows up and spreads businesses like wildfire, websites are incredibly cheap and easy to design, and the instant response you get from email compared to phoning or sending snail mail is incomparable. It goes without saying that every successful business will in some way have used the internet to their advantage, but it doesn’t mean that traditional advertising mediums are dead. In fact, the reality is far from that, and traditional advertising is still one of the most popular ways to expose your brand and products.

Image Credit: Pexels

People haven’t forgotten about TV

Even though many people use streaming services and on-demand broadcasts, it doesn’t mean they no longer watch television. Think back to when you last saw an advertisement on television. If you can actually remember it, then it’s worked on you and there’s still some merit to traditional marketing.

Many people in the world still watch television and you’d be foolish not to invest in it. Television broadcasts happen all over the world and there’s a reason why it still costs a lot of money to get your advertisements on some of the world’s most popular channels and seasons (like during the NFL Super Bowl). In one week, teens watch around 14 hours of TV with older Millennials watching 22 hours and on the far end we have adults (65 and older) tuning in to approximately 51 hours.

If you’re going to create a business and advertise it, then consider learning about direct response marketing and making the most of the traditional mediums such as television. Just remember that even if you personally don’t watch much television, many people in your country do and your product can reach a lot of people that don’t have internet connections or don’t use the internet very much.

Not everyone has learned about the digital age and not everyone uses their laptops or smartphones all the time.

People haven’t forgotten about print

People still look at newspapers. They still read the latest happenings in the world in newspapers instead of using their smartphones all the time. It’s because it’s more convenient, it’s more traditional, and it’s not like newspaper stands are going anywhere anytime soon.

While there might not be someone calling out the latest article headlines and handing out newspapers, there are still plenty in print and they’re circulating just as quickly. Advertisements in print might not be something you personally see much (especially if you’ve focused on using digital mediums), but you have to consider that many people still read magazines, newspapers and even leaflets that come with their orders.

Printed advertisements can also easily be slipped into orders and other products, and it’s easier to hand out something physical at an event as opposed to telling someone a website and expecting them to remember it.


In short, traditional advertising mediums are here to stay and there’s no denying that they can contribute to business expansion. While they might be a lot more expensive, they’re excellent at targeting specific audiences and should not be neglected in your next promotional campaign. Make use of traditional mediums, and you’ll see your business grow larger and stronger.