Drawing is More Than Just Child’s Play… Sort Of!


Today I spent some time helping one of my friend’s son with his sketch of Slinky from Pixar Animation Studios’, Toy Story.

At first he had a struggle drawing the character and kept saying that he wasn’t all that good. But once I showed him that most cartoon character were made of shapes (circles, ovals, etc.), lines and curves, he got some of the basics completely.

It reminded me of how important it is to teach and after seeing the result of the “young grasshopper’s” sketch it made me realise that I’m not that bad a teacher.

We should always make the time to share our creative talents and maybe in doing so, we’ll help to shape another future talent. Children are never too young to learn.

Fun Fact: I first held a pencil at 3 years old and I’ve never stopped drawing since.

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3 Replies to “Drawing is More Than Just Child’s Play… Sort Of!”

  1. Teaching youngster is always my motivation. they are the future and for must of who don’t like this statement “The children taught creates a better you and a better future”!!

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