Freelancer, Listen Up! Be Your Own Boss With These Valuable Tools

It can be tough freelancing. Sure, you get to take time off whenever you want and have complete control over all your projects. But there are other limitations that you will experience that you might not struggle with if you had a full-time job. For instance, you might experience periods of not much work, and you aren’t entitled to any sick benefits. Thankfully, being your own boss usually outweighs all the disadvantages.

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Are you trying to improve your life as a freelancer? Or maybe you are tempted to start a new life as a freelancer? Regardless how new you are to freelancing, here are some valuable tools that can help you be your own boss.


You should create a website for yourself. This should detail your skills and contact details. It’s also a good idea to have some examples of your previous work on there, if possible. Your website has to showcase everything you can do. This will be what potential clients use in place of your resume. So make sure it looks professional and shows everything that you can do! It is also a good idea to get it SEO ready so that lots of people find you through Google searches. You can speak to a website design agency, such as CandidSky, who can help you with SEO.

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Business Cards

When you are working as a freelancer, you will be working in an extremely competitive market. So you need to be on the lookout for potential new clients whenever and wherever you can. If you get speaking to someone, you may find that they are looking for something that you can offer. This is where business cards come in. Make sure you have some business cards in your wallet so that you always have one you to give to potential clients.


As you will be working from home, it is important to create a home office for yourself. A spare room is perfect for this. If you don’t have a spare room, you can turn a corner of your living room into a comfortable office space. Worried that you won’t be able to concentrate on your work at home? Then why not look into a co-working space. These are offices in which you can hire a hot desk for a set period. Some even offer permanent office space for freelancers and small startups.

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An Accountant

As a freelancer, you are responsible for your own taxes. If you have no experience of the tax system, then you might be better off hiring an accountant. This may seem like an expensive option, but it can actually save you money in the long run. Your accountant will know how to save you money on your tax return. So you could end up paying a lot less tax than if you had filed your tax return on your own.  

Once you have all these tools under our belt, you will start to ace life as a freelancer! And your sales will start to soar!