Give Your Business an Irresistible Voice Online

When customers thinking about buying from your business online, they are always listening out for what your business has to say. Now, of course, your business isn’t literally speaking to customers but in a way it is, because every part of your business brand creates a voice. That voice can tell customers to buy, or it can make them run and hide. It can even make them seek out your competition, forgetting about your company completely! You don’t want that do you/ Of course not, so we need to think about the ways that you can build up your business voice and make it a positive force online. Let’s start off by thinking about social media.

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Getting Social

Now, one of the key issues to consider is how loud the voice of your business is online. Ideally,, you want it to be as loud as possible and make sure that it reaches thousands, maybe even millions of customers online. That’s why it’s advisable for you to set up as many social profiles online as possible.

Some marketers believe that not every social profile is useful for every type of company and this is perhaps true. After all, if you’re selling something like industrial machinery, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to set up an Instagram profile. Or does it?

Actually, it could because you could use social profiles like this to show off the quality of the products that you are selling with some fantastic photography work. This won’t always lead to a big boost in customer numbers but it certainly won’t a hurt. A point to remember about social media is that it’s free. So by committing to this form of marketing you essentially have everything to gain and nothing really to lose.

Of course, it’s not just about the size of your social marketing. You have to make sure that you are also adopting the right tone of voice. It needs to be conversational while still being hard-hitting enough to jump off the page or computer screen and get customers interested in your company.

This is going to be a big part of your business voice. Remember, a lot of customers these days expect companies to engage with them online and commit to the idea of social interactions.

There is one other part of the puzzle when looking at the best way to build up your voice through social media. That’s content. You’re going to be sharing content through social media in the hope of getting your followers to share it and perhaps even attracting the attention of new media. When you do this, it’s important to focus on quality and ensure that the content you share doesn’t take away from the message of your business.

The Heart of the Business

The heart of the business is undoubtedly your website. Think of your business as a body. In this analogy the website is the heart because it’s pumping everything else to different areas of your business brand. Remember the content we mentioned earlier?

Most of this won’t be completely fresh but rather will be derived from an area of your blog or website. Information will flow from your website to various interested parties such as customers, investors and new business leads. As such, your website is a key part of building up your business voice.

We need to start off here by thinking about the design of your website. The design of your website, if approached the right way can say a lot about your company. If you want an example of this, check out a site that has clearly been designed with kids as the target audience. Websites like this are often incredibly creative, colourful, vibrant and often have animations scattered across the page to ensure they keep the interest of those kids.

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What about medical sites? These are often clean, clear with a white background to give the impression of an immaculate hospital. You’ll typically find that content on sites like this is kept neat and doesn’t clutter the page at all.

So, how do you make sure that your web design sends the right message about your business, adding to your voice? You should consider using a web designer such as Imagine That. Web designers like this are known for unique custom builds for businesses that want to stand out on the market. As well as getting the right appearance of the site, these designers also focus on the layout of the content, while continuing to ensure that it is easy to access.

Don’t forget when we talk about sending out messages through web design, we do need to consider what that message is. A key message you want to convey is that your business is always open and available to customers. You can do this, by ensuring that part of your web build is based on responsive design. This will ensure that the website is still accessible, no matter what device customers use.

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You need to look at reviews as well. Reviews add to your voice whether you want them to or not. Customers are always going to look at your business reviews before buying. However, that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from reviews. Quite the opposite, you need to encourage them to review your business, even if it means you get a few negative responses.

You can use any negative complaints to improve your company from the ground up. Meanwhile, positive reviews can boost the performance of your business because customers are more likely to trust the voice of other buyers rather than your company.

The trick is making sure that reviews are part of your voice by using them to your advantage. You can post them on your website, streaming them on a landing page. This will immediately attract the interest of customers and show them that you are a company they can trust.

These are just some of the ways that you can control the voice of your business, both increasing the volume and determining exactly what your business says to your customers.