Here Today; Here Tomorrow: The Vitals For Giving Your Business Longevity

Nostalgia is the one thing that never goes out of fashion. Pick up a local newspaper and look in its entertainment section. Chances are, there are ads for a local 80s or 90s theme night. Fashions, songs and even drinks that we remember from 20 or 30 years ago. If they’re done right, they rake in money.

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Do you know what was big in the 90s? 60s and 70s theme nights. And in 2036, there will be DJs playing the hits of today. That’s the thing about nostalgia. We don’t have it for things that are still around. You don’t need to make a comeback if you never went away.

Having success is one thing, and a lot of people and businesses (small and large) can do it in the short term. But if you want to really make it, you need to stick. Do you know why 90s artists are playing the comeback trail now? Because they need the money. Short-term success doesn’t sustain an expensive lifestyle. You need always to be looking for ways not to be forgotten.

Do You Want To Be Cameo Or Aretha Franklin?

There is a difference between being known and being remembered. And perhaps the biggest part of that difference is being set to transmit and receive at the same time. If you just put a message out there, you’ll gain some traction. But if you put the word out, hear what comes back and adapt, you’ll keep climbing the ladder.

You see it in the difference between a normal blog post and interactive content marketing. People who feel they are being sold to might buy, once. Individuals who believe they are part of a conversation will become customers.

Identity Is Everything
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Harking back to the 90s again, do you remember how every new group, singer, actor or show was referred to as “the new” something? That’s effective in marketing for as long as it takes not to be new anymore. If a band was the “new Beatles,” then once the initial novelty wore off, people would just listen to the Beatles instead. You have to carve your identity, and that can only happen by speaking to your public. Be social, use Twitter, use Instagram, but do it right.

Some major brands have already embraced this, bringing them bang up to date even if the brand has many years on the clock. For example, Coke have existed since the 20th century, but their modernity is guaranteed with their social network use. They have created an entire “Hub Network” to make sure they stay on pace with trends.

Understand What You’re Working With
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Entrepreneurs today have more tools than ever before to work with, and to establish a business. The ones who do it successfully are the people who know how to use it. It’s not enough to get your business a Twitter account. Are you just reposting your blog posts on there? Then you’re not building a conversation. These days, everything happens on social networks. Be on there reacting to things and engaging. That’s how you establish your voice, but be careful. The list of brands who have made horrible errors in social media engagement doesn’t need another to add to the list.

The phrase “here today, gone tomorrow” can apply to you very quickly if you’re not in control of your story. Don’t be the new anything – be the one and only you. Stay visible and adapt – that way you can be here today, and tomorrow, and the day after too.