Here’s to a Historical Moment!

What does history mean to you?

By its character you could say I was from a “small town” (Mandeville). Within it are some of the most historic landmarks and breathtaking architecture in my country’s history, i.e. The Mandeville Court House and The St. Mark’s Anglican Church.

Yesterday on Jamaica’s National Heroes Day, I was asked to take part in unveiling two of my designs for historical storyboards for the aforementioned sites. The designs were done to look as aged as the structures whose stories they told in the most succinct manner. Simplicity is important and less is always more; more or less.

I have to say, being in the presence of hundreds of people (young and old) and a lot of cameras was a pretty great feeling, but nothing compared to the positive reviews I received from the attendees.

I would not trade this day for anything!


Fun Fact: I gave a friend my smartphone to record the unveiling and I get it back with one second of camera footage!


2 Replies to “Here’s to a Historical Moment!”

  1. well done phil.. I am glad you took the opportunity to do the design!!..some moments like these can not be visited unles we take the leap to get to this point

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