How Do You Improve Your Website’s Performance for a Better Profit?

When it comes to your business website, you not only want it to provide information for your potential clients, but you want it to make you some money on the side too. Letting your website sell your products for you so that you can concentrate on other parts of the business is easily achievable! How is this possible, I hear you ask. Follow these steps and you will soon be making profits from your website by doing practically nothing.


Placing adverts on your website will earn you revenue without even trying. The best service to go with is GoogleAds, and that’s because Google tailor the adverts that they show to the person viewing it. So, for example if you’ve been browsing garden furniture, it will show you adverts to do with exactly that.

Having adverts like these gives you more of a chance of your site visitors clicking through; therefore making you more money. You even earn a tiny amount from each time the advert is simply viewed on your website, so if you have high traffic you will be making money on the side.


Having your website looking it’s best is more likely to keep people reading. If a website isn’t well designed people are likely to click away. It also looks more professional to have your site looking clean and eye-catching. Digiwool Web Design offer everything from logo branding to a complete website design. Using a professional company to help design your website will make it stand out from other businesses in your sector because it will be completely different.

Social Media

Social media is the biggest and easiest way of getting your business’ name around. Placing social media sharing buttons on your website will allow people to easily share what you’ve got going on your website. Also, using social media to promote your website is a fantastic way of driving traffic to your website. As mentioned earlier, if you decide to place adverts you will earn money just by having people visit your website.

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This goes hand in hand with design, but having the layout of your website easy for your users to navigate around will make the world of difference to how many views you have, including returning viewers. People don’t like it when they land on a website that they can’t navigate. It gives them the immediate impression that buying your product will be complicated, just as your site is.

Have everything clearly labelled. Even though high-tech designs are great, try to stay away from anything that’s too technical for your site.

So there we have it, four ways of improving your website’s performance for a better profit. Applying all of these will improve the way your website comes across to it’s users, making you the favorable business for them to use. Add that to the revenue you could be earning from adverts and you’ve already made profit from your website alone!