How Do You Price Design Jobs for Non-profit Companies?

ImageI regularly share my design experience and advice with fellow freelancers and readers. Sometimes a specific question ends up being the inspiration for a future blog. This time around, the question was centered on pricing work for non-profits.

As a graphic designer, I’ve done my share of work for several non-profits and each time it’s a different experience.

There have been moments when I’ve worked for free, because I like the cause they were supporting. However, in the instance that I’ve charged for my work (and this might be relevant to you), it’s always important that you state the terms that you think are fair.

Now by that I mean it can involve just a monetary return or both a monetary return and bartering of something else such as media or press coverage. You also have to examine each non-profit as these days some have adopted the model of being a non-profit for profit in order to sustain itself instead of constantly asking for donations. In this instant they are often in a position to compensate you via a budget for let’s say marketing and promotion.

You have to decide what each project opportunity will do for your portfolio and for your reputation; and ask yourself “just how many additional projects could I get from this one opportunity?”. Avoid giving “discounts”, but state that there are charges you’re willing to do away with. You still need to keep the true value of the work you do and ideas are priceless.

At the end of the day, sometimes you have to give to get.

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