How Much Office Space Is Too Much?

Hiring a large office space is quite a significant overhead that could be eating into your profits like Pac-Man. While it might be nice to have a good amount of space, if you aren’t using it all then you’re just burning money for no reason.

As long as you have enough space for your employees to work comfortably, that’s all you need, anything more is a waste. It will also cost you more money to have the office cleaned if it’s oversized. All that extra money could be put back into the business to help you expand so it’s definitely worth taking a look at the space you are using and seeing whether it is possible to downgrade.

Here are five (5) ways that you can reduce the space you use and move into a smaller office.


If your business stores a lot of data, it is likely that you will have servers somewhere in the building. These take up a huge amount of space so you’ll probably be using a whole room for it. It is important to have backups, but storing everything on an in-house server isn’t necessary anymore. Cloud IT solutions allow you to store that information elsewhere so you don’t have to bear the burden of the servers. Another benefit of cloud storage is that you can access things on the move a lot more quickly.


You can easily cut the amount of people that you have in the office by outsourcing certain departments. When you are looking to outsource, identify which areas of the business you are weakest in, having an expert handle it for you will yield better results. It could end up costing you more than employing people yourself, but that cost will be offset by the savings that you’ll make by moving to a smaller office.

Remote Workers

More people are working remotely from home these days. Look at your staff and ask yourself which of them really need to be in the office all day. Those that don’t can be moved into their home and work from there, they will still be able to pop into the office if needs be, but you don’t need a designated area for them to work in.

Flexible Work Spaces

Certain spaces in the office, like meeting rooms, won’t be in use all of the time. These can be turned into more versatile spaces that cater for multiple situations. That way, instead of having two or three rooms, you’ll just need one. Foldable furniture is one simple way of doing this, it can be easily moved out or rearranged for various layouts. Flexible spaces also make for a more inspiring office because employees have more freedom over how they work.


Most office layouts are fairly typical, but they aren’t always the most practical. You need to be designing a layout based on the shape of the room and the space that you already have. Choose desks that have enough space for employees to work without any surplus. When you’ve got a lot of desks in one room, that bit of extra space will add up.

If you use these simple tricks, you should be able to fit your workforce into a much smaller space and make considerable savings.