How One Practical Entrepreneur Followed His Passion All the Way to the Bank

Until 20 minutes ago (December 15th @ 7:22pm) I had no idea who Magnus Walker was. Now I’d describe him as an inspiration; a man who followed his dreams without hesitation and fear.

I was just browsing YouTube like I’ve always done looking for interesting things to watch and decided I’d look at some TEDx videos. The title “Go with your gut feeling” caught my attention.

I sat and listened to someone who if judged by his appearance alone, you’d probably not be able to guess his story. This guy, however, is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever had a chance to hear. From writing a letter to Porsche at the age of 10 wanting to be their designer, to moving his life from Sheffield, England to Los Angeles, California via ‘Camp America‘.

He’s gone with his gut feeling his entire adult life. It’s taken him on some adventures that makes you realise that when you pursue what you feel you should be doing, life has a way of making it happen. Magnus’ best insight to me was when he said, “success really is the freedom to do whatever you want to do”.

Call it “luck” like he has, or call it a combination of vision and aspiration. Whatever you call it, I call it success.

Watch Magnus’ TEDxUCLA delivery of his unbelievable ride through life. Video’s below.