How Shipping Options Can Increase Your Business’ Exposure and Profits

Setting up a small business will see you face all sorts of challenges. Not only do you have to identify a gap in already saturated markets and develop a product or service to fill the niche, but you also have to get your brand out there into the public consciousness. When attempting to root a business or brand as a serious competitor in its respective field, many advisors will emphasise the importance of market research, advertising and expensive marketing campaigns. But a frequently overlooked area that holds huge potential for brand exposure and increased sales is shipping. The postage and packaging options that your company offers can greatly increase your reputation and profits. Here’s how, accompanied by a few tips and tricks to implement the best shipping options in your business.

International Shipping

The further your brand reaches out, the more customers it will draw in. We live in the internet age and chances are that people are sharing images of your stock all over the world. So make sure it’s available to as many people as possible through international shipping options! T

his doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to front the cost. Many buyers will happily cover the exact shipping costs in return for an item that they truly want. You never know where your largest consumer base could be: it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same country that your business is based in. The world is your oyster, so make the most of it.

Mass Shipping

As your brand grows, larger business and companies will become interested in stocking it. This is where you will have to start considering freight shipping. Invest in freight load boards and a reliable carrier who will be able to take large amounts of stock up and down the country.

Alternative Packaging

Get creative! We’re all used to receiving a plain brown box or envelope in the post. If you deliver something eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, your customers are more likely to remember their purchase fondly and may even share images on social media (exposing your brand to their own followers).

Remember to make sure that all packaging is still branded, so that customers can associate the positive experience with your brand. This can be done easily by sealing packages with branded labels or stickers, ribbon and perhaps even placing a business card in the package.

Free Returns

Customers are much more likely to purchase a product from you if you offer the option of free returns. The majority of people will never actually make use of the service, so it shouldn’t cost you much. Those who do are simply likely to request an exchange in size or for an alternative product.

Remember, your consumer’s experience should extend beyond the check out. You need to ensure that you continue the quality service right through to the point that they receive their order and have left positive feedback about their purchase. This will encourage them to shop with you again and could help towards establishing a strong and loyal customer relationship.