How to Get Your Business Trending On and Offline

You want people to be talking about your business; it means that people know you exist and that they’re interested in what you’re selling. But how can you start the conversation surrounding your as-yet unknown business? Having a business website only works if you get enough people to promote your posts, and visit your site in the first place. Fortunately, if you’re creative enough, you can gently turn your business into the main topic of conversation with these simple solutions.

Image Credit: Pexels

Get involved in the community

If you’re planning on opening a local business, then you need to get the locals talking about your new startup. The best way to do this is find out whether there are any upcoming events where you can hire some booth space. This is perfect solution if you’re offering food or physical products. You have a chance to give the public a taste of your services, and offer them a discount when they come into your establishment.

Alternatively, you could do some fundraising for a local charity and get your customers to support you by buying your products. Anything that gets your business involved in the community will let the locals know you exist, will establish you as a new contributor to local events, and it will indulge their curiosity about your startup.

Kickstart conversation on your website

A website is not just a place to host your business online; if you use it correctly, your website can get people talking about your business and services. If, for example, you’re using your site to establish yourself as a health and beauty expert for your new beauty salon then you might be writing blogs to give your customers self-care tips for healthy nails, or advice for easy daily exercise.

You could write engaging blog posts every day, but to get people talking about them you need to kickstart the conversation. To do this, you can hire someone to write forum posts or blog comments on your website, and hopefully this will encourage customer interaction and some friendly debate.

Furthermore, you can also take the discussion to your business’ social media page to include a wider audience. The more people you have talking about your services, the more likely you are to get a new customer to buy what you’re selling.

Image Credit: Pexels

Run promotions

Everyone loves bargains and giveaways. If you’re offering services to your customers, such as coaching sessions, or beauty treatments, then offer limited time discounts, or a free session if they recommend a friend.

Once you’ve peaked their interest at local events, you can start a loyalty scheme for your small shop by creating membership cards and offering special discounts for cardholders. You can also get people interested in your products by offering 2-for-1 discounts, limited edition products, or other exclusive offers.

But the best way to encourage people to talk about your business is by offering further discounts if they recommend your services to a friend.

Any way you can keep the conversation going is beneficial for your business.