Is Your Business Mobile Enough for the Modern World?

The amount of technological change that has occurred over the last ten to fifteen years is incredible. Perhaps the change that has had the greatest impact, but is often taken for granted, is the adoption of smartphones. Millions of us now carry a powerful computer around in our pockets, enabling us to shop, communicate, fight off boredom and much more at the touch of a button.

However, this added mobility is not just a consumer phenomenon. Businesses must also take note that the modern world is now a mobile one and adjust their practices accordingly. If you’re unsure of the best ways to embrace mobile technology, then here are a few suggestions.

Image Credit: Pexels
Employee mobility

In the modern business world, it is quite likely that your staff will need to spend a lot of time away from their desks. They may need to travel to a client meeting, work from home, or go on an external training course. However, just because they are away from the office, this doesn’t mean you can afford for productivity levels to drop. Smartphones can be used to keep your employees contactable, via phone or email, and let them access bespoke business tools remotely. You may want to start your own Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to ensure mobile security issues are kept to a minimum.

However, making sure your business is more mobile doesn’t only relate to smartphones. Are you using cloud-based software that lets your employees access work tools from any device they choose? Employee mobility not only keeps productivity levels up, it also suits modern employees, many of whom prefer a more flexible approach to working hours.

Web design

As a consumer, how often do you look something up on your smartphone compared to a laptop or desktop PC? Chances are that, in many cases, your first interaction with a business or brand comes via your smartphone, which is why mobile web design is so important.

Most website visitors spend less than a minute on any given site, so you need to make sure your mobile site makes a good impression fast. If you don’t have the in-house skills to create an effective design, however, then an external agency might be just what you need. The Story Web Design and Marketing, for example, can provide responsive design that adapts to whatever device it’s being viewed on – desktop, tablet or mobile.


The app economy is huge and made up of useful tools for consumers and businesses alike. For the latter, launching your own mobile app could be what’s needed to help your organisation stand out from the crowd.

Retail firms can use apps to provide user-friendly online ordering, small businesses can use them to offer card payments via smartphones, and offices can embrace them to provide a quick way for their staff to collaborate on projects. Whatever industry your business is based in, there’s likely to be an app that can help in some way.

In the modern world, making sure that your business is mobile friendly is absolutely essential for success, whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational corporation.