It Seems Some Businesses Are Still Stuck In The Stone Age, What’s Going On?

Business owners often have an incredibly weird relationship with technology. If you’re a business owner, does this train of thought sound familiar?

“Tech is something that I tolerate in my company, rather than a part of my business model that I wholeheartedly embrace.”

Ah, I thought so, well fear not because you’re certainly not alone. Did you know that a massive proportion of the businesses across the world still operate using Windows XP? In fact, as of March 2016, over ten percent of desktops were still using it in America alone! That’s crazy when you think about how many generations behind in tech these guys have fallen. Come on, we’re on Windows 10 now, it’s time to catch up!

But this actually demonstrates a real issue with tech and the business world. Most businesses shy away from it, and that’s a shame because it could be their greatest weapon.


Why Is There Technophobia?

That’s a real term I swear and for business owners, I think it’s the fear of losing control. There’s no doubt that change can be scary and it could lead to problems with areas such as security for your company. There have certainly been some massive hacks on big businesses in this year alone. Most of us probably remember when Yahoo was hacked just a few months back. So, if the big boys can’t protect their companies with new tech, what hope to the little fish in the pond have? Internet safety is always going to be a major concern for business owners. But it’s also one that you’re going to have come to terms with. In most industries, if you remove tech from the equation businesses simply wouldn’t be able to run on the market today. It’s why there are plenty of firms investing in expensive IT support operations. They want to make sure if the tech does crash it’s back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Nervous About New Tech

Two-thirds of business owners in 2014 admitted that they didn’t trust cloud systems. Despite being around for some time, people are still wary of using clouds for storing and sending data. They would much rather use a USB or a large external hard drive. There’s a brutal irony here because statistically, cloud servers are safer than these devices. If you’re still using USBs, you are putting customer data in more danger.

Based on this then, it seems that trusting new tech could lead to better business practices for everyone. I haven’t even mentioned the benefits it can bring such as increased efficiency. So, you might could that there must be another reason why business owners won’t update their tech. Well, you’re absolutely right.

The Real Reason For Tech Stalling

It’s expensive, and it’s as simple as that. By updating tech, you have to train your employees to operate using the new software. You might have to invest in new machines and small businesses just can’t afford these costs. This is the real reason why there is such a wide contrast between the type of tech in business industries. Big businesses are always ahead of the curve, updating their systems. Smaller companies get left behind in the dust, struggling on slow computers and sketchy software.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution to this issue. As a business owner, I bet you’re already aware of the immense pressure to keep costs low and stay competitive. But it still might be worth finding a little extra money in the budget for a tech upgrade. Ultimately, it could bring massive advantages for your business.

4 Replies to “It Seems Some Businesses Are Still Stuck In The Stone Age, What’s Going On?”

  1. No arguments there. Education and retooling efforts will always be necessary in order for an individual to keep up and stay relevant in an ever-changing market place and global economy.

    I’m not sure who the “us” are that you reference in your last sentence, but my blog post was written with a specific audience in mind. For anyone else who lack the knowledge of working with technology, there’s a lot of free platforms to learn from on a variety of topics.

    I wrote about that via and if you’re interested you can read it here (skip to tip # 5): is pretty good too, especially because it has a lot of video tutorials. You can check that out as well.

  2. in admission that technology is essential for business in this era what is to be done about the lagging education of people to operate the new systems and programs at all stages of life as with more elderly people in work force than before.
    The same vigor to increase technology should be made to educate generations of people in the knowledge and working with technology.
    Make our legs strong before you ask us to run.

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