It’s All 1s and 0s to Me: Finding the Online Marketing Methods that Actually Work

It’s all about the web nowadays, but for someone who’s not exactly as tech literate as the market expects them to be, it can be pretty daunting. The world of digital marketing is powered by methods that are hard for the layman to understand. But you want to make sure that you’re investing in moves that are genuinely going to help the business. How do you cut through the noise and get to the facts of the matter?

Image Credit: Pexels

Know your scams

That’s a dangerous word to throw around there, but it’s an honestly used one. There are a lot of people using outdated or incorrect methods and promising results through them they just won’t be able to provide. Make sure that you’re able to speak to the people doing the work directly on your marketing, whether that’s content, web design, or social media. Ask them what they’re doing and get weekly or monthly reports to show that they’re actually putting in the work.

Always dig deeper

You can be a lot more selective in how you choose which services are going to help you, too. It’s all about digging up the evidence that makes you sure you’re making the right choice. Look at evidence like this Web Full Circle SEO case study. Your marketing providers should be able to go into the details of what they’ve done for past clients and how they’ve made changes.

Similarly, you should look at their reputation online. Are they getting measured but mostly positive feedback? Age is another way to make sure that they’re at least established enough to have made profitable, sustainable methods work for them but it’s not always the key.

Keep an eye on your data

You have your own ways to measure how effective their services are, as well. Content Marketing Institute’s guide to analytics might seem like a lot of numbers flying around at the start. However, once you learn to read analytics (and it’s not that hard), you start to see the trends in how many visitors you’re getting, how many you’re retaining and so on. If your outsourced marketing metrics don’t match yours, you know something’s up.

Have the core good to go

So much of online marketing is very closely linked and there’s little that a company specializing in or hired for only one thing can do about it. For instance, you can have the best SEO company in the world but if your site just isn’t well-built, there might not be a lot they can do for you. Similarly, a poorly designed site will turn away customers no matter how good your newly ordered YouTube ad is.

Outsourcing your digital marketing can be of huge help to your business, don’t misunderstand that. But you have to be willing to do a little research of your own. Find the methods and promises that don’t work. Find the companies with the reputation and proof to back them up. Then find the data that tells you what’s really working for you individually and what isn’t.