Killer Reasons Online Businesses Win

If William Shakespeare was alive, his version of Romeo and Juliet might be different. Instead of the protagonist pondering to be or not to be, it could have become to be online or not to be online?

Thanks to the drop in the world economy, companies find it hard to gain a foothold in the industry. Add the decline of bricks and mortar businesses, and you’ve got a full-on crisis. Years ago, no one would be able to foresee the dramatic shift that faces the industry today. Indeed, most people probably thought everything would carry on as normal. In 2017, the only thing that is normal is the internet. And, if businesses aren’t using it to their advantage, they stand to lose a lot. For all the non-believers, these are the reasons why online businesses are taking over.

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Mobile World

The truth is this: the modern world is a mobile one. What does that mean? It means that millions of people use their mobile devices to browse the internet. For the first time in history, the sales of mobile devices are bigger than desktops. And, that has opened a new landscape for companies around the world. The savvy business persons among you will know that advertising to a mobile crowd is different than usual. Indeed, there are changes in processes like creating mobile-friendly sites and developing apps. With the help of these features, a firm can take advantage and increase sales and revenue. Offline companies don’t have the same presence on the web. As a result, they don’t have the tools to market to them effectively.

Global Reach

Mobile technology isn’t only important to customers. It’s crucial for companies, too, because of its reach. In simple terms, a business can keep in contact with its headquarters from anywhere in the world. So, it doesn’t matter where employees are as they’re ready to work. Of course, this fact has huge implications for productivity levels. And, when productivity rises, so does revenue, sales and profits. In the modern industry, it’s vital that company is easy to reach from the farthest corners of the globe. With all the opportunities available, the length of a firm’s reach can dictate everything from growth to expansion. Plus, a business can also localise content anywhere in the world. Reaching new audiences isn’t a problem, but making them take note isn’t easy. Local content, or content which relates to them, is the key to global success.

The Web Is Tailor-made

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has been in the news recently, and when he speaks, the world listens. The creator of the internet had a lot to say, but it was his remarks about evolution which are important. In his view, the internet has evolved beyond anything he or computer scientists imagined. For businesses, this means one thing, and that’s potential. In frank terms, the World Wide Web has become the ultimate place for businesses from Silicon Valley to Timbuktu. For people to make a purchase, customers have to enter the store. An online store is always available 24/7, and it’s only a click away. With the right marketing strategy, more customers can come and go as they please. Business never has to stop on the platform that never sleeps.

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Add Value

There is a lot of ways an online business can add value, from a quick sale to easy navigation. What most people would agree on, though, is that the customer service aspect has hit new heights. In 2017, there is no need even to make a call to a company anymore. Instead, the customer can go online and read the FAQs section. Or, they can contact them on social media and get an instant response. If that’s not enough, consumers can speak to them remotely yet face to face as more businesses invest in video chat tech. Experts like Stackify warn of development problems, but they are to expected. Anyway, they are easy to fix if they businesses spot them early. One thing is for sure: online firms lead the way in the customer service stakes.


Cut Costs

What’s the one thing that business owners worry about the most? It’s the cost of doing business. The sad news is that the majority of bosses don’t have the capital they need to succeed. So, to get by, they borrow money. Still, they end up in a sticky spot because a company always costs more than the initial budget. Although it’s possible to succeed, it’s very hard without the right amount of money. Bosses, then, always have a solution: cut costs. Cutting costs isn’t a great idea in most cases because it can affect the quality. However, online sites instantly reduce the expenses just by exploiting the internet. For one thing, they don’t have to worry about overheads or office space. And, there is no point in worrying about over employing staff. A company can succeed with one person from a home study or a dorm room. If you don’t believe that, ask Mark Zuckerberg.

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Image Rights

Every firm on the web has the right to take their image seriously. The reason for this is that the customers are treating it with respect. The businesses they don’t respect are the ones that don’t have an online presence. It isn’t that they’re disrespectful, but they are suspicious. The internet carries a stigma these days, and that stigma is you’d be mad to avoid such a useful tool. Web-based firms benefit from the way that people view the online vs. offline debate. As a result, their image is a lot higher than it would be without the World Wide Web. Offline businesses can boost their image, or that there is no doubt. However, they face an uphill battle because of the way customers are wired.

Catch Fire

Like Katniss Everdeen, companies can catch fire. Unlike “the girl wonder” from the Hunger Game series, this is metaphorical, not literal. Thanks to the rise of social media, there is the opportunity for businesses to gain mass exposure. All they have to do is go viral and they will be topical in Asia as in America.

Offline businesses struggle to have the same viral impact.