Make a Winning First Impression in Marketing with Email, Website, and Trade Shows

When it comes to representing your business — in the online or offline sphere – the first word that pops to mind is impression. Indeed, whichever method of communication you choose to get in touch with your customers, you want to make the best of first impressions. You want your customers to feel positive about your message and your brand. Therefore it is essential to identify the key elements that will convince customers to listen to your message and engage with your marketing communication. Let’s have a look at the four main marketing impressions, namely trade shows, emailing campaigns, your website, and your social media strategy.

Exhibition and Trade Show

When you prepare for trade shows, you need to consider two specific things. Firstly, you need to make your stand visible as trade halls tend to attract a large audience. When you book a stand, you need to work with professional designers to plan an eye-catching messaging. You can work with an event specialist, such as Event Display who works on the creation of media walls, banners, and other trade show packages.

In other words, the time when you could send your sale representatives with a pack of flyers and a nice tie to an exhibition is long gone. You need to ensure that people will notice your stand. Otherwise, they will not come to meet you.


Nowadays, everybody receives marketing emails. The majority of these go almost immediately in the bin. Why? Because they fail to personalise their content. Personalisation is key to convince people to read your email. The kind of message, ‘Dear all, here’s a discounted product that I am trying to sell’ fails to appeal to the intended prospective. So you need to do your research and to offer the right type of content.

Start with the name of the customer. Hello Jane, Hi Alan, Dear Mr. Johnson — there are many ways of talking to your customers. Make sure you select the most appropriate one for your business. Then your marketing team needs to tailor the content to the customer. Is Jane looking at your latest seasonal product but hasn’t ordered? Send her a product suggestion with a discount offer. Has Alan not visited the website in a while? Tell him about your new exciting products and offers. Make it personal to them.


When it comes to your website, you need to identify your main landing pages — from organic searches, these tend to be the homepage and the product pages, for example. These pages need to be convincing and self-sufficient. In other words, new users need to understand your offering, even though they had never heard about your business before. This calls for a clear, exciting and informative content.

For returning visitors, you can maximize their visit with personified content. For instance, the ability to show the latest products related to a customer’s purchase can be helpful to increase the chance of them renewing their purchase. Or you can choose to use tailored display advertising to make the content more relevant to your visitors. What matters here is that you make the website easy to use so that visitors don’t waste time.