Make the First Impressions of Your Business Favourable

Did you know that within seven seconds of meeting someone new, the average person has made a judgment call on them? These judgments include everything from the person’s social standing to their trustworthiness or lack of. A similar thing occurs when people come into contact with a new business for the first time, and if their impressions aren’t favourable, potential new customers will simply walk away. That’s the last thing you want. You want as many people as possible, who come into contact with your business in any way, to be impressed, so that you can convert them into paying customers.

Creating favourable first impressions of your business will take a bit of effort on your part, and on the part of any employees you have, but it is, at its heart, actually a pretty simple thing to do. Here are some choice tips to help your company good in the eyes of all who come into contact with it.

Image Credit: Pexels

Dress to Impress

Whether you’re running a formal business in the style of the average bank, or you’re doing something a bit more casual, like Google and Facebook, in the dress department, it is important that you dress to meet your customer’s expectations.

If they expect you and your employees to be in full business attire, for example, don’t turn up in jeans and sneakers. Clothes perhaps shouldn’t be so important, but when it comes to first impressions and judgment calls, they still are, and you should act accordingly.

Maintain a Clean Workspace

If you invite a potential new client to your office and she gets there only to find your windows streaked with dirt, your carpets streaked with even more dirt and a mountain of used coffee cups piling up in the reception area; there’s an even chance she’ll just walk out again. At the very least, she’ll form an unfavourable first impression of how you run your company.

So, invest in some quality cleaning equipment from Jetwave Industrial Equipment, hire good maintenance staff and drill it into your staff just how important a tidy, well-maintained office is. You can’t afford to put visitors to your office off before you’ve even had a chance to wow them with your sales technique.

Be Kind

Kindness is something that is sadly lacking in a lot of the business world, but being kind without being a pushover, is something that will win you a lot of admiration with a great many people.

Which is why, you personally, and as the owner of your business, should do what you can to help people up, put them first and add real value to the world as you make a living if you want to make a great first impression.

You could do this by being genuinely interested in your staff, donating to charity or giving chances to people who would usually find it difficult to get work in your sector.

If you can do all of the above and conduct yourself with integrity at all time, ensuring that your employees do the same, it will be hard for people not to be impressed, upon first contact, with your business. It’s then up to you to build on that good start to make your business boom.