Making a Great Product Page for Your Customers

Your website is one of your greatest marketing tools, and it has the power to convert passing visitors into paying customers. You need to focus on every aspect of your site, but your product page is something you should definitely pay attention to. The online shopper doesn’t have the opportunity to see the product first hand, and they can’t pick it up to feel and test the item before they buy. Therefore, the way you present the product page needs to give them all the information they need to know.

These are the aspects you need to focus on when designing your product page.

Top quality photographs

The customer is unlikely to buy something if they don’t know what it looks like. Therefore, highlight the product through high-resolution pictures, and include pictures of the item taken from different angles. While you could take some simple pics with your smartphone or tablet, you might also consider hiring a professional photographer to make the pictures stand out.

Image Credit: Pexels

Captivating wording

This is your opportunity to sell the product, so make every word count. Tell the customer exactly why they need to buy the product, listing all the benefits that will make their lives easier. Explain how your product is better than others on the market, and highlight anything that makes it particularly unique. In short, this is your sales pitch. By the time they have finished reading, the customer needs to feel excited and inspired by what you are selling.

Greater detail

Separate to your sales pitch, you need a paragraph that goes into greater detail. So try and preempt the questions a customer might normally ask in a store and list every feature you can think of that is relevant to your product. Those in the building industry, for example, will want to highlight the materials they use, such as PPGL Coils, and give a full description of the material’s benefits, including durability. There are those people who’s buying decision will hinge on the technical specifications of a product, so don’t skimp out on any important details.

Pricing information

Be upfront about the cost, even if your product is expensive. Customers appreciate honesty, so don’t smuggle the price away in the small print or a few clicks away from the product screen. However, if you have specific deals for first-time customers, or have made some sales reductions, let the customer know front and center on the product page. People like to know they are getting value for money, so even if your item sells at a premium price, the other information on the page, such as your product description, will encourage them to buy.

Shipping information

Shipping costs need to be included within the pricing information. However, you need to give the customer other essential information. For example, what shipping method are you using? What is the expected delivery time? Do you have a returns policy, and if so, what is the best method for your customer to return the product back to you? The more information you can provide, the added peace of mind you are giving the customer.

Bottom line

You may have a great product on sale, but if you aren’t giving the correct information, you may struggle to make a sale. Therefore, use our advice. The more information the customer has to hand, the more likely they are to buy when they can make an informed decision.