Master the Art of Attracting Visitors to Your Website

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large conglomerate, a small business or a sole trader, it is vital that you have a well-functioning and fruitful online presence that results in leads, sales and the formation of a loyal customer base. Your online persona is a representation of you as an individual, your company, brand and the service that you offer. The consumer of the twenty-first century is savvy and wise, unwilling to fall for the hard sell or a flash in the pan promotional offer. You need to work on developing your brand to make your company the market leader within your industry sector. Take a look at how you can attract visitors to your website using these simple tips.

Aesthetics Drive Traffic

If you have a bog standard static web page a la Geocities, the traffic will not flood to your site. Your website needs to be well crafted, dynamic and interesting to the eyes of the viewer.

At the same time, it’s important not to go overboard to formulate a platform that is very much style over substance with reams of images and video but little explanatory content. You need to find a balance.

If you’re an accountant who specialises in providing a bespoke service for contractors, you need an air of professionalism, a muted formal tone and you have to demonstrate why your service is head and shoulders above the competition.

Search Engine Optimisation

The ever elusive SEO is a skill that many have a basic knowledge of, but few have mastered. SEO is vital in securing your website’s place amongst the Google ranks. If you provide IT solutions to small inner city businesses, your keywords need to reflect that and make your website appear on the first page of the search results.

On the other hand, what attorneys need to know is that it’s their website’s visibility that will be the number one source of potential new clients, so the SEO methodology used needs to be specific to the legal sector. By outsourcing your SEO, you’re tapping into an expertise that is not available in-house and creating a website that will generate leads for your company.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The Power of Social Media

As well as astute SEO and a well-designed website, you need to ensure that your social media accounts are updated and relevant. By posting to your Twitter feed daily and providing links to the latest posts on your blog on your Facebook page, you’re showing potential clients your company’s dynamism. Everyone is attracted to the company who keeps their social media accounts current.

It’s vital that you find an appropriate voice for your company and that you communicate to your customer base via high-quality content. This translates to something that enriches the readers’ lives and something that they will share with their followers and friends on social media.

The twenty-first-century word of mouth marketing enables you to reach more people than you originally intended.

The days of setting up a website, launching it and sitting on your hands while you wait for the hits to stack up are long gone. By being proactive with your website design, SEO and social media, you can increase traffic to your website and strengthen your foothold within your industry sector.