MasterCard Remakes Its Well-known Logo for the Digital Era

In 1997, MasterCard launched Priceless®, the widely successful advertising campaign that spawned this infamous slogan, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” Yesterday, the brand that started in 1966, it launched the evolution of its brand identity with a new brand mark and design system.

Their new logo (MasterCard brand mark), though reminiscent of its iconic red and yellow predecessor, has been updated and streamlined to something ideal for the digital age powered by user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design. MasterCard’s ditched the drop shadows and bulky serifs. In it’s place is the round FF Mark featuring the text in small (lowercase) letters. It’s an admirable minimalist approach for the future of branding.

Mastercard’s new logo still maintains the iconic interlocking red and orange circles

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer (MasterCard), Raja Rajamannar stated that “MasterCard is one of those unique brands that is instantly recognizable around the world,” and in order to succeed in the current fast-paced “digital age”, they “want to modernize and elevate the brand in a design that is simple and elegant, yet unquestionably MasterCard.” The company seems to be embracing its new identity and personality, having incorporated digital technology into its daily operations.

I will say that compared to a lot of the most recent rebranding exercises that we’ve seen over the last several months, between Uber’s rip-off of a redesign and Instagram’s gradient tool happy logo, MasterCard’s brand evolution might actually be…priceless.

This Mastercard logo design was launched in 1996

The evolved brand identity will be rolled out to all MasterCard products, communications, and experiences, starting with Masterpass later this month. It’s being touted as one of the most comprehensive design system ever introduced at the company and will commence roll out Fall 2016.

A historic timeline of MasterCard’s logo designs since the 1960s