Near Field Communication: A Gold Mine For Small Businesses?

Have you heard of Near Field Communication yet? You might have seen it referenced as NFC. It’s a type of wireless communication that is built into many smartphones. Ultimately, it serves to allow two devices to communicate when they’re in range. Unlike Bluetooth, NFC offers more possibilities in regards to marketing and payment options.

But, is it a potential gold mine for your small business? Let’s explore this a little bit.

Which Phones Use NFC?

You’ve probably heard the term NFC being passed around in recent years. Go back a bit further, and I can’t imagine you ever used to hear about it. NFC is still quite anew technology, and it’s something that will become more prominent in time. That said, phone makers are very much interested in jumping on board with it. You’ll find that most high-level smartphones from the past few years come equipped with NFC technology. As for the rest, it’ll be less unlikely to find it.

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Is It Worth Implementing It Then?

You’re not going to attract the entire market with NFC capabilities, which might sour your view on it. That said, NFC is rarely used as a payment or marketing technique solely on its own. It’s somewhat of a supplement. You could invest in a credit card machine with NFC technology, but it won’t be limited by its possibilities. You can still take regular payments as you always have done, but provide the option for NFC payments if you want to.

What Marketing Benefits Does It Offer?

First and foremost, NFC is a marketing tool purely because of its payment possibilities. You’re allowing yet another choice, where customers can make very quick transactions with their phone.

But, that isn’t the limit of NFC. By implementing NFC tags, you can direct customers to any online destination you desire. For example, you could put an NFC tag on the box of a product that you deliver to a customer. Then, if they want to reorder quickly, they can scan the tag and get straight back to the web page. That’s just one example. You could do the same with your blog, your social media page or an instructional video. It can all come in useful.

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And How Do I Get Involved?

Well, that’s the good part about this. NFC only costs as much as you want it to. Sure, you can get business cards with embedded NFC chips for a high price in some places. Generally, NFC doesn’t cost a whole lot of money to implement, however. Marketing material is cheap (or free), and some payment systems come with the technology included.

But, Is It A Gold Mine, Like You Say?

You know what? It’s difficult to say. For some businesses, NFC is nothing more than a welcome supplement to their usual processes. For others, it’s a crucial part of their everyday workings that they’d feel lost without.

If you’re willing to put the time into NFC technology, it might just turn out to be the gold mine you were looking for. Only time will tell!


Featured Image: Wikimedia