Never Make Your Customers Wait For Customer Service!

Are you hitting the nail on the head with your customer service? No one should have to wait. When you keep people on hold or take too long to respond to an email, you may lose a customer forever. That’s why you need to look at every channel you have for customer support and cut down the wait time.

This infographic shows that 30.2% of customers are only willing to wait up to five minutes. However, almost 60% of people will be unsatisfied with any more than one minute! Some customer support methods may be slower than others. But you should ensure no one has to wait for over a minute. Here’s what your business needs to improve now.

Telephone Lines

Although technology is moving forward with the internet, phones are still helpful. Many customers- especially older ones- prefer using the phone to get an instant and personal response. You need to keep a landline in the office and make sure you always have staff on hand to answer queries.

Don’t just rely on a smartphone. Business phone systems are much more reliable for delivering fast and efficient customer support. You can even use VoIP systems with your phones to offer free and instant customer service.

Don’t make the mistake of outsourcing your phone support. When customers call your business for help, they want to talk to someone from your company. Nothing is more frustrating for customers than getting a response from someone reading from a script. Instead, have support staff ready to deal with any complaint or question.

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Online Support

Make use of your company website to offer multiple channels of support. For a start, you should list your telephone, address, and email so every customer knows how to contact you. You can also integrate web-based customer support features.

One popular method is to include an email form. But if you do this, you have to be fast. Leading companies in customer support take less than an hour to respond to emails. Now imagine a customer has an urgent question about buying a product and doesn’t get a response for an hour. It’s enough to make them take their business elsewhere.

You need to give immediate responses, and the best way to do so is with online help desk software. Your customers can ask questions at the click of a button, and your support staff can answer rapidly. Also, include an in-depth FAQ on your website. It can help many customers who have common questions about your company.

Social Media

Social media is becoming the new norm in customer support, so don’t leave your business stuck in the stone age. People follow their favorite companies on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks. They also ask questions and give feedback here, so be ready to respond.

You can use your smartphone to get instant notifications of a message on social networks. That way you can give a response before they become disgruntled.

Delivering outstanding support on social media is important. It will be seen by your followers, the customer’s followers, and potentially all over the web. Take this example from Delta Hotels. When a hotel guest complained about their room’s view, Delta fixed the problem within an hour. The story went viral, and Delta Hotels gained a customer for life. Use this as inspiration for your social media support!