Now That’s Compact Living! Tour This Small Loft Turned Multi-functional Space

What do you do when you’re in love with the location of your studio, but 537 square feet is just not enough space for two? You look to some talented architects to help you transform a once singular bachelor pad into a multi-functional space for a young couple.

SF loft_01
The San Francisco studio before the prefabricated loft

Donnie and Nicole Chiu-Wang took advantage of their studio’s 13-foot ceiling and created a prefab multipurpose loft, thus creating more space where there was none. They also managed to achieve and promote the elusive “work-life balance”. The updated space features two beds (one a Murphy bed for guests), a stand-up desk (where Donnie codes apps), giant whiteboard, a dining table, and adequate storage for clothes, shoes, files, product samples, and tools.

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SF loft_03
This is the perfect example of building a space around one’s needs

The couple both work from home with Nicole running a fashion tech start-up (Boon + Gable) and a sock company (Treadfast), while Donnie’s a freelance app developer and the founder of SwingTime (Golf & Tennis Scheduling Assistant). The newly designed space functions well as their office, as it encourages both creativity and productivity.

SF loft_02
The completed multi-purpose loft in action

The entire project ran them around $15,000 and the investment was well worth it. Watch the feature below courtesy of Houzz TV and get a tour of this incredibly optimised space. Maybe it’ll offer some inspiration for your own home.

Do you have favourite place in your house where you go to work to be inspired and be productive? I’d like to hear about it on the comments below.

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