Push the Boundaries of Your Presentations

Business presentations are notoriously boring. They really shouldn’t be. Think how much time and effort went into convincing your prospective client or supplier to sit in the room with you. The last thing you want to do is bore them to tears. They’ll regret having wasted their time and reluctant to do business with you in the future. What they want is to be inspired and engaged by what you have to say. That’s why your presentation has to grab them and excite them from the moment they arrive.

Image Credit: Pexels

Your business presentation might be all about conveying a single idea and proving it will make a profit. But there is a lot more going on in the minds of the audience. This is a PR event. You are selling them a front man (you) and a brand (the business culture) as you present. If you’re not aware you’re doing that, then now is the time to better plan how you approach this essential meeting.

Think about turning it into an event that better shows off how your business operates. Demonstrate the internal company structure, and the brand messages you want to convey. Event companies can work to your preferred budget and even your preferred location. Speak to professional event organizers that have experience with engaging potential clients.

When you have your event planned out, you can start to map the engagement process. Where will you meet your client, and how will you lead them toward your proposal? Are you going to stand and talk, or do you have a flashy video clip to introduce the concept? How can your potential client get involved in exploring your ideas and concept so they are better engaged?

Image Credit: Pexels

Pushing the boundaries of presenting can take a lot of time, energy and effort. But if your client is vital to the survival of your business, then no amount of hard work is too much. Make sure you’re working with the very best people you have. They should visibly and verbally represent your company culture and ethos. These people should be the faces of your brand.

What do you want your client to take away with them? If you don’t have the key decision maker on site, then you might not secure that sale on the day. How can you garner a commitment if you haven’t got the right people there? Whichever stakeholders have arrived at your meeting, make sure they are excited and keen to talk you up by the time they leave. You need them to be your salesforce when they get back to the boss.

Convincing people to act in the way that most benefits your business is an art. A lot of what you need to convey cannot be done verbally. Rather it is the sum total of an experience your prospect has while in your company. Present with an event to bolster and blossom that experience. Let them feel a part of something special for a while. If you’ve presented your key facts and figures with clarity, you should be ready to celebrate success.