Reaching the Unreachable: How to Catch On-the-Go Customers

These days, we all rush around from place to place. And we often have our heads down looking at our phones as we do this. For businesses, this presents a clear challenge. How can these consumers be caught and advertised to in a way that succeeds in lifting sales figures? It’s tricky to get it right, but the focus has to be on new forms of reaching customers, as well as some smart thinking.

If you’re going to catch these on-the-go customers, you really need to put a solid plan in place to make it happen. Catching them and delivering your message to them in a coherent way has never been harder. However, the tools at your disposable have never been better either, so you should take advantage of them. Any business that aims to secure the custom of young professionals has to be aware of the new challenges that face them. If you want to learn how you can grab their attention, here’s what you can do.

Make Sure Your Website is Fully Responsive

It’s vital to ensure that your website is fully responsive if you want to appeal to people who browse when they’re on the move. If you fail to put this kind of website in place, people won’t be able to browse your website when they’re using their smartphones. This is a problem because people who are busy do a lot of their online browsing when they’re out of the home. So, if your website is not suitable for people who prefer to browse on their smartphones, you’ll have a big problem. A responsive web design allows your website to shift according to the needs of the user. And that’s essential if you want your website to succeed.

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Use Promoted Posts on Facebook

Promoted posts are adverts that pop up in people’s feeds on Facebook. The advertising options offered by Facebook are vast. You can choose from all kinds of different options. However, promoted posts are still often seen as the best. They allow you to reach out to people who might not already have liked your page on Facebook. And because the advertising functions on Facebook are so good at targeting the right people for your business, the outcomes will be good. Of course, it’s up to you to make sure that the posts you create are strong enough to strike a chord with consumers. They should stand out and offer something that’s intriguing.

Guide Visitors When They Arrive at Your Website

Your job is not over once people arrive at your website. You need to carry on guiding them when they arrive and see what you have to offer. This might seem unnecessary, but people can easily lose interest if it’s not obvious where they should click. People’s attention spans are short, so give them some clear and obvious calls to action that they can engage with. These could lead to particular offers that are ongoing, for example. You just need to point visitors in the direction you want them to go in. If you can do that, more people will stick around, and they’ll look at the things that you’re most interested in promoting.

Develop a New App

Apps can be really useful when you’re trying to catch on-the-go customers. They are engaged with on smartphones, and they offer something different to a conventional website. Custom application development companies can assist you when the app is being created. So, you don’t need to worry about the technical side of things. Focus on creating an app that allows for simple and straightforward browsing. If you can do that, then you could make a lot more sales as people browse your app on the way to work or during their lunch break. Give it a try and see what the results are for your business.

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Advertise on Public Transport

If you are willing to branch out and do some outdoor advertising, you could reach people better. With all the focus on online and mobile engagement, people often forget how effective other options can be. Commuters are always busy. But there is one clear method of advertising that will reach them: public transport advertising. Whether it’s on trains, stations or buses, there are advertising opportunities in all of these places. And it really does make sense to take advantage of them at every chance you get. People will see the adverts and your business’s brand awareness will improve. That’s what your business should be aiming for, and you’ll know that you’re reaching the right kind of people too.

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