Skills To Pay The Bills: Practical Proficiencies That Stand Out To Employers

Things like a good work ethic and punctuality will always help you get hired. But having unique skills will instantly make you stand out from the crowd. Those with practical skills that can be used in multiple ways will find it easier to land a job or get a raise. Many of these skills can be careers in themselves. Here are some of the practical skills many employers value.

Computer Skills

Computers are used in absolutely every industry, and every company could use someone to help out. If you know all about networking and fixing machines, you could be of great value to any business.

I.T. experts are also highly valued for their ability to handle business data. Helping a company with data storage and cyber security can be hugely beneficial to many industries.

Computer skills can be useful for all kinds of jobs. If you know a lot about computer security, you can get a job as a digital security expert. Programming and coding skills can also be put to good use. But I.T. skills are valued in every kind of job- even regular admin assistants need to use computers.

Repair Skills

Being handy with tools and materials makes you valuable to many businesses simply for fixing things up. All kinds of businesses use furniture and hardware that can quickly break down, so being able to fix these things is a valuable skill.

For instance, offices often need a handyman to fit industrial hardware like emergency door bars and hinges. Many industries need heavy duty drawer slides installed on cabinets and drawers to handle equipment loads.

If you also have trade skills in fixing plumbing and electrics, your abilities are even more valuable. You could make an entire career out of being a general handyman. Either way, being proficient in repairs shows you’re practical and dextrous- something every company will appreciate.

Communications Skills

The ability to get ideas across, work with others, and communicate with all kinds of people is valued in any job. However, those who take their communications skills further will have even more opportunities.

Those with the gift of the gab can find jobs in sales or customer service. If you’re good at leading and influencing people, you could find yourself working in executive positions.

It isn’t just communicating with employees and customers that are valued. Digital communications skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s business landscape. If you know how to use clever marketing to appeal to potential customers, you could land an advertising job. Even being a whiz with social media is useful for all kinds of companies.

Driving Skills

Having a driver’s license will instantly make you more attractive to employers. Besides being able to get to work on time, being able to drive makes you useful in a multitude of ways.

Some companies might need you to drive to meet clients. A car can also be useful for certain errands, such as bank deposits or picking up items.

You could even take your driving skills further. Being licensed to drive a heavy vehicle or operate a forklift will make you extra valuable in the logistics sector.

Featured Image: Pixabay