Social Media’s Positive and Negative Potential for Your Business

We are living in a social media generation. Think about it. How many of your friends and family members have social media pages? Probably the majority, right? We are spending increasing amounts of time checking our Facebook feeds, looking at others’ lives on Instagram and laughing at one another’s jokes on Twitter. This is all productive. However, social media is no longer confined to the realms of the personal. An increasing number of businesses are creating feeds for their brand. But should you jump on the social media bandwagon?

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Remember, social media is relatively personal but you want to maintain as professional an image as possible to maintain the reputation of your brand. Apps and sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter could potentially prove to be your business’ making or its downfall. The way that things fall lies entirely down to your social media management. Here’s everything that you need to understand the positive and negative potential of these pages for your business’ success.

Customer Service

In a consumer market where more and more business is done online, social media is one of the areas that allow your brand to offer brilliant customer service.

Remember, good customer service relies on effective communication and what better way to communicate with your audience than the immediate form of online chat?

Facebook offers message options, where customers can ask further questions about a product, chase up deliveries and file their complaints.

Twitter also allows this in short form text, with a maximum of 140 characters.

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Improving Brand Image

Nowadays, popularity is often measured by the number of social media followers an individual or a business has. If you manage to garner more followers, people will tend to automatically recognise you as a leader in your field. If everyone else wants to know what you’re doing then they’ll assume that they should too.

Your feeds are also a great place to express your company’s values and beliefs. You can publicly show support to charitable organisations or causes. However, at the same time, posting the wrong thing at the wrong time can cause mayhem. Certain types of posts will reflect badly on your brand and will be widely available for anyone to see.

To avoid causing upset, make sure that you have good social media management. Check out this website for further guidance.

Showcasing Your Products

A large follower base results in any social media account becoming a platform where you can showcase your products and services to a huge number of people.

It’s the ultimate platform for exposure. People will like your posts too, which means that they will become recommended to others with similar interests to them, encouraging more people to check out what you’re providing. What’s more? You can sponsor posts, infiltrating the newsfeeds of people who don’t already follow your brand.

In short, social media holds great potential for your brand’s exposure and expansion. Everything comes down to managing it responsibly and appropriately. So, start setting up your pages and capitalising on the pros that come hand in hand with well-managed business social media feeds.