The Amazing World of 3D Creativity

You like to draw, to design, to create. But you’re a little sick of working in two dimensions. You still feel the thrill of putting pen to paper, but you definitely need something more. You want your designs to pop out at you, to be tangible and interactive.

Well, my friend – it sounds like you might enjoy 3D modeling and design!

The term ‘3D’ has become something of a buzzword in recent years. It probably has something to do with some of those awful 3D movies Hollywood keeps releasing. (You guys better not mess up Beauty and the Beast!) But 3D still deserves to carry around a feeling of excitement. If you know how to harness its creative power, you can do so many amazing things with it.

Image Credit: Pixabay

So how exactly does one get into working with 3D modeling and design? This article will show you some of the best ways to get started.

What do you want to work with?

Admittedly, ‘working with 3D’ is a pretty vague phrase. It could really mean so many things. This is why you need to decide what exactly it is you want to do. This will depend heavily on what sort of industry you can see yourself working in.

So what is it you see yourself creating? Do you want to make special effects for TV shows and movies? Do you want to create games? Do you want to work in manufacturing and product design? Getting some formal training is one of the best ways to get an introduction to any of these pursuits. For example, those wanting to work in industry modeling can look into injection molding seminars.

Image Credit: Flickr
Picking the right software

No matter what pursuit you’re going for, you’ll have to work with software. You need to know your way around a computer. Even something like injection molding will require you to use software to create the required designs. Thankfully, you have a lot of choice when it comes to software. Getting started with some practice here is pretty simple.

In fact, the amount of choice you have is almost a problem! At the end of the day, you need to assess your options and see which one works best for you. Some of them are completely free, but may not be suitable for your purposes. Let’s look at something like Blender. It’s free and works incredibly well if you want to make games in a program like Unity. But it might not work quite as well for something like 3D printing or molding.

Image Credit: Pixabay
Experience and feedback

The best thing you can do is get started now. 3D design is an incredible pursuit, but it’s a very involved one. Practice as much as you can with whatever software and physical tools you have at your disposal. Get into an education or training program to hone your skills.

One of the best things you can do is join an online community of 3D designers. They’ll be able to give you suggestions for your own pursuits. More importantly, they’ll be able to give you feedback on any work you present them with.