Meet Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer and Learn How He’s Saving African Lions

Meet the man known to South Africa and the rest of the world as “The Lion Whisperer”. He’s a self-taught animal behaviourist who seems to have broken every rule in the book when it comes down to working with animals. His methods are unorthodox, but the results he produces are nothing short of incredible. Learn how he’s trying to save some of Africa’s top predators and most magnificent creatures.

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Kevin Richardson, one man on a mission to raise the awareness around Lions. It still blows my mind how some people can connect with wildlife.

There are reports of lions surviving in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran until well into the 19th or 20th centuries. Africa alone, during this long ebb, remained the reliable heartland. New surveys and estimates suggest that the lion has disappeared from about 80 percent of its African range. No one seems to know how many lions remain in the wild. National Geographic even throws out a number at 35,000, but lions are hard to count.

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The causes are multiple—including habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching of lion prey for bush meat, poachers’ snares that catch lions instead, displacement of lion prey by livestock, disease, spearing or poisoning of lions in retaliation for livestock losses and attacks upon humans, ritual killing of lions (notably within the Maasai tradition), and unsustainable trophy hunting for lions, chiefly by affluent Americans.

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a self-sustaining African carnivore sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation through education, awareness and funding, especially pertaining to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, unscrupulous hunting, disease and their illegal trade.

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To raise awareness, Kevin has now set up his YouTube Channel ‘LionWhispererTV’. The channel is all about raising awareness about not only the declining numbers of lions, but also how this rapid decrease is happening. By watching these videos, you are directly contributing to their scheme of land acquisition.


Kevin captures the majority of his footage on GoPro cameras, allowing the viewer to get as close as possible to the lions. By doing this, Kevin hopes to give people an insight into the lives of these beautiful creatures and to let them see just what they can do to help. You can nearly touch them.

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