How to Connect with the People Who Work for You

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘a happy worker is a productive worker’ and even in this fast-paced digital world where deals get done in seconds, that saying is still relevant.

Just imagine the kind of difference there would be if you got every employee excited about solving problems, connecting, and networking with multiple potential clients without the need to motivate them to do so.

And what if they weren’t timid in meeting and openly shared their ideas and created a flowing conversation in the boardroom? Much easier said than done, but there are ways to make your company of workers, into a team of motivated conquerors who don’t just believe in you and themselves, but know they’re better than the competition.

The individual above all else

I recommend you don’t approach the prospect of connecting with employees on a one-to-one basis because you shouldn’t treat them as if they’re part of a herd. Collectivism is both good and bad. You want a united front in the way you conduct business, but you want different personalities in your workforce.

Working on a cloud or a virtual system like Premier Global Office Solutions provides, means the hierarchy in a workplace can become blurred because anyone authorised can do changes to almost anything. There are those that are risk takers and those who prefer the softly-softly approach should be treated with equal importance because they give each other balance.

Respect comes in many forms, and it’s crucial that all employees feel included and treated with courtesy at work. Anything that stirs political or socially sensitivities in the office or staff room should not be given a place so to foster divisions within your team.

So keep anything that’s related to personal beliefs out of the way, and ask your employees respectfully keep their religion, political views and moral standards to themselves.

Have a heart-to-heart

We’re all human, and sometimes matters in our personal lives can distract us and make productivity drop. As the boss, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the community cohesion at work, with the same amount of vigour stats, figures, and profits are kept tabs on.

If you can see someone is upset, invite them into your office for a 5-minute talk, and do more listening than talking. Help the individual any way you can without it hurting the business, and you’ll find that employee goes back to their role with renewed motivation.

I can’t begin to tell you, how important it is for an employee to feel as though their boss cares about their well-being and professional growth.

Breaking barriers

Barriers can form between leaders and those that work underneath them. The power of information is sometimes unrivaled, and bosses traditionally selectively wield this power. I fully acknowledge there are certain people who, you as a boss may regard as one of your captains.

But, employees who are not withheld from information and know exactly what their target is; who they’re going after; how they’re going to do it; when and why, all leads to each employee being able to comprehend the scale of a task. Keeping them in the dark can sometimes build an invisible barrier between them and a customer.

If an organisation keeps its employees fully formed than any query made by a client can be adequately assessed and responded to. Consequently, if everyone is reading from the same page, you limit the number of stragglers in your company.