Insight from 7 Influential E-commerce Founders to Transform You into a Creative Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Entrepreneurs are creative by nature. However, there are things you can do if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but are failing to come up with any incredible ideas. If you want to turn into a more creative person who comes up with ideas like a machine, these ideas can help you:

Treat Life Like a Creative Exercise

Treat your entire life like a creative exercise. How can you show the most creativity and enthusiasm in whatever you’re doing right now? It might be cleaning the house, writing a social media bio, or shopping for a new dress. Have fun with life and expand your imagination as you do so.

Get Outside

Some of the most successful people in the world claim that spending time in nature helps them to focus and become more creative. It might sound a little crazy, but some people believe that their ideas actually come from the plants and natural elements around them! Regardless of what you believe, simply walking in nature can actually have a positive impact on your creative thinking process.

Spend Time in the Right Environment

Create the perfect environment for you to get creative in. Make sure you include the right lighting, noise levels, scents, motivational pictures, and anything else that could inspire you. You might find that using things like aromatherapy in your environment, and playing nature sounds help you to concentrate. Others might be at their best creative selves when listening to Katia Beauchamp rock ‘n’ roll!

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you. The influencers below have some great tips and insight for you too.

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Here’s How To Make Your Online Business Excel

If you have an online business to run, then you are probably aware of the many things that you need to take on board.

There is so much to it that it can be difficult to bear it all in mind at once. But the fact is, successfully running a business online does not have to be extremely challenging.

There are some clear and easy ways of making it excel as fast as possible.

If you are looking for a business which is likely to stand the test of time, then take a look through these essential pieces of advice.

Filling A Need

First of all, you should remember that your business is there to provide a service or product or both. What that service/product is, is entirely up to you. But you need to know that your business is going to be in demand enough to be sustainable. 

When it comes to running a business online, this means going out of your way to research as much as possible. Chances are, you will find some opportunities worth exploring that currently might not be on anyone’s e-commerce radar.

It will be a good start for your online business. A good place to look for ideas are on online forums.

See what questions people are asking. Is there a way that you can answer them though your online business? Alternatively, carry out keyword research to see what people are trying to find, but end up with zero results.

Providing An Easy and Safe Service

Sometimes, people can be a little reserved when it comes to online shopping. This is because there is so much bad press around it.

However, all that this really means for you is that you should try to make your service as easy and safe as possible. It is true that there are fraudsters out there trying to capture credit card information.

In response to that, you should look at high risk merchant accounts as a solution for credit card processing. If you can make the process as safe as possible, people are likely to really appreciate it.

What’s more, work hard to build the website in such a way that it is as easy to use as possible. This alone makes a considerable difference to how people feel about your business as a whole.

Choosing A Great Domain

Many online businesses actually start with this stage, and there are certainly benefits to that approach.

The right domain name really does make all the difference. And the wrong one can quickly see your business fail. When you are choosing your domain name, try to find something both catchy and unique – and which makes sense to your business.

This is definitely easier said than done. It might take you some time to find that ideal domain name. But it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

As long as you have the right domain, you might even find that everything else just falls into place.


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Ka-Ching! Get More E-Commerce Sales Today

E-commerce is getting more and more popular all the time. And it’s not hard to see why. We’re talking about a trillion-dollar industry here, after all.

So, if you clicked on this article, then you’re probably interested in getting in on the action. Perhaps you’ve already made the first steps. Maybe you already own an e-commerce business! Well, in any case, there are a few things you may not have considered. Check this out.

You need to develop social proof

A knowledge of certain psychological phenomena is always going to come in handy in the world of commerce. Here’s one that you really need to consider: the phenomenon of social proof. While we’re calling it a cool-sounding name and referring to it as a psychological phenomenon, it’s a simple concept. I’m referring to the fact that people often trust a business more when other people know about, use, and enjoy the business.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Sounds obvious, right? “Social proof” is actually a neat way of rounding up all the social factors you need to consider. The number of people buying your products is going to help people build trust in you. The number of followers you have on social media will help, too. Positive ratings and reviews are a must. Testimonials – and especially mentions from experts – are even better. Prospective customers are way more likely to make a purchase from you if you have all of these things.

B2B sales could bring you more money

When people think of starting up an e-commerce business, they usually only think about B2C sales. If you’re not sure what that is, it means business-to-consumer. In other words, regular retail. They think of websites like Amazon that sell to single buyers at fixed consumer prices. People new to e-commerce are rarely going to give a thought to B2B – aka business-to-business.

Image Credit: Pixabay

As the name implies, e-commerce sees you managing sales from one business (yours) to another. It’s a more fact-based, bureaucratic, rational world of sales. And that’s only one reason why people are getting more interested in B2B. The other reason? The money. B2B sales outpace B2C sales, with hundreds of billions being made every year. B2B E-commerce is something that more people are looking into. It could work well with your own e-commerce aspirations.

E-commerce security is crucial

A few security hiccups are expected in most businesses. But in the world of e-commerce? One security hiccup could be the end of you. That may sound a little dramatic, but I’m not exactly making it up!

Image Credit: Flickr

There are so many things you need to think about when assessing the security of your e-commerce business. The steps you take at your business hub are obviously going to be very important. You have to ensure that your local network security is unbeatable. You have to ensure that no-one who isn’t authorized to do so can get into your office. If you work with any third parties, they have to be the most reliable in the game. You’re going to be handling a lot of customer data. And if any of it gets out, then you could be looking at state-imposed fines as well as lawsuits. Again, this sounds overly-dramatic. But I assure you it’s not.


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Jack Ma’s Creating Many of China’s Jobs and Boosting E-commerce

Jack Ma (Ma Yun) is the founder of Alibaba, one of China’s and the world’s most valuable companies at an estimated worth of $235 billion. It’s pretty impressive when you consider that Ma founded the e-commerce giant with $60,000 in angel investment from 17 friends. The idea for Alibaba came to Jack Ma when he visited the US for the first time in the 1995 and was introduced to the internet. He typed the word “beer” and the search engine turned up no results related to China. His first search was as random as they come, but highlighted a bigger opportunity that no one had yet capitalised on in China.

Alibaba's headquarters located in Hangzhou, China
Alibaba’s headquarters located in Hangzhou, China

Ma would bring the internet to China and pioneer online shopping for anyone with net access. He developed and launched an escrow service called Alipay in 2004 with no transaction fees bringing consumers and businesses together. On September 19, 2014, Jack Ma took the company to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) raising $21.8 billion in its debut, placing it as the biggest U.S.-listed IPO in history.

Inside the offices of Alibaba
Inside the offices of Alibaba

Thanks to Ma’s vision, the Alibaba Group has grown from 15 employees to 30,000 in 16 years. Ma has stated that the company has directly and indirectly created 40 million jobs. At just age 50, the self-made tycoon has already amassed a net worth of $30 billion and has no plans of slowing down now. He’s come a long way from growing poor and being rejected from numerous jobs to creating an e-commerce empire. I’ll be watching to see what Ma does next in the world of business.