5 Effective Ways to Spend Money on Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way of reaching out to new potential clientele. But as the internet becomes a more crowded place, standing out on social media is becoming a harder task for small startups. This is where throwing a bit of money into social media marketing can come in handy. Here are just a few effective ways that you can boost your business by spending money on social media.

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Buy a banner

Just like the homepage to a website, your social media pages need to make a visual impact when someone clicks on them. A well-designed Twitter header of Facebook cover photo can make a difference.

There are graphic design companies that can build custom social media banners for you, as well as a profile picture. You may even want to design a logo for your business which can be used not just on social media, but your website and other forms of marketing such as business cards and signage.

Invest in influence

People trust a company with a large social media following as it shows that they’re an established and prominent business. Buying followers is a way of increasing your credibility. There are plenty of sites that can teach you how to buy followers.

On a related note, you can also pay for influence. For example, paying a prominent person on social media to share one of your posts or promote your product could have a huge impact.

Promote your posts

Facebook and Twitter both have services set up by themselves for promoting posts. This allows your posts to be seen by strangers that could possibly turn into business leads.

Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to customise the audience that you want to focus with your post. Make good use of this feature — by selecting the right age group and interests for your product you’ll be more likely target the right people.

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Hire a helping hand

Some businesses may find it beneficial to hire a full-time social media manager or outsource their social media to a marketing company. A professional may be able to come up with constantly engaging content, as well as replying to complaints over social media to preserve the company’s reputation.

This is generally only useful for large companies, however small companies may be able to hire someone or outsource a company on a temporary basis, such as in the lead up to a product launch or during a dry period for business.

Bring social media to social events

Real life social events can benefit from social media too. Conferences and trade fairs can be tweeted about to get more people to attend. For conferences and launch parties in particular, a Twitter Wall could be handy for letting the audience digitally interact. Hiring one of these could add an extra special touch to your event and make it more memorable for attendees.

Business Hooks While Balancing The Books

Stress, it’s a big thing, and when you own a business, you’re going to run into your fair share of it. Of course, this mainly stems from money worries. Trying to squeeze every penny across expanding departments and attempting to increase your online presence requires a lot of investment, so what can you do to minimise spending while maximising your business potential?

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Get Freelancing

Outsourcing to freelancers is not such a dirty word anymore. Every business is feeling the pinch, and it’s a very natural part of the process to hire outside sources to take over the vital components of your business. From getting web/graphic designers to give your site a makeover to IT Support services. It’s a very cost-effective measure.

Many IT support services can be affordable, and on a monthly payment plan, so you can get the most suitable infrastructure for your budget. The start of any business means getting a lot of little tasks complete, and you can make the most of the job websites that hire out freelancers.

When you’re at the point where it’s all hands on deck, freelancer sites are a lifeline to get those last important bits ready to go.

Advice from Influencers

Never underestimate the advice from people who were once in your shoes. We all make mistakes, and you will make a lot more when trying to realise your vision, but the advice doesn’t cost anything, and you can learn from other people’s mistakes very easily.

Aligning yourself with the key influencers in your industry from an early point should be part of your whole entrepreneurial ethos. It’s a common misstep of many startups that fail to see and leverage the value of networking. It can be a big obstacle to overcome, especially for those who are still trying to find their feet as a leader.

However, by networking with key influencers, you will have an opportunity to learn lessons quickly. You never know, you could end up becoming an influencer in your field, which will only help to increase your business connections.

UK Entrepreneur James Caan | Image Credit: LinkedIn

Make the Most of Your Image

Contrary to popular belief, you can make the most of a business image without much money. When one of the UK’s most successful Entrepreneur James Caan started his recruitment firm Alexander Mann, he could only afford a renovated broom cupboard.

On the upside, the location was in a prime part of London’s City Centre, so the correspondence gave out a good impression before anything else.

He conveniently held meetings in rented spaces to avoid being found out, but the proof was there. He built up his business image before doing anything else that made the clients and customers come in droves.

Make the most of your image in this way because operating a business out of your residential address does not look good. Instead, make the most of the virtual office services; which, as part of the package, is a professional address. It’s simple, cheap, and it will do a lot for your reputation right from the start. Cheap ideas do not have to be cheap in quality, and the best ideas come from nothing.


Insight from 7 Influential E-commerce Founders to Transform You into a Creative Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Entrepreneurs are creative by nature. However, there are things you can do if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but are failing to come up with any incredible ideas. If you want to turn into a more creative person who comes up with ideas like a machine, these ideas can help you:

Treat Life Like a Creative Exercise

Treat your entire life like a creative exercise. How can you show the most creativity and enthusiasm in whatever you’re doing right now? It might be cleaning the house, writing a social media bio, or shopping for a new dress. Have fun with life and expand your imagination as you do so.

Get Outside

Some of the most successful people in the world claim that spending time in nature helps them to focus and become more creative. It might sound a little crazy, but some people believe that their ideas actually come from the plants and natural elements around them! Regardless of what you believe, simply walking in nature can actually have a positive impact on your creative thinking process.

Spend Time in the Right Environment

Create the perfect environment for you to get creative in. Make sure you include the right lighting, noise levels, scents, motivational pictures, and anything else that could inspire you. You might find that using things like aromatherapy in your environment, and playing nature sounds help you to concentrate. Others might be at their best creative selves when listening to Katia Beauchamp rock ‘n’ roll!

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you. The influencers below have some great tips and insight for you too.

Take a look!  

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